Friday, January 10, 2014

An Accidental Meeting
With a Veteran Artist

     I went to Cubao yesterday to buy blank shirts to replenish my stock. Before going home I decided to drop by Megamall for a snack, window shopping and to check out the art at the 4th floor.

     From afar I could see that the Art Center is filled with paintings of various sizes, subjects and styles and most of them are frameless and pretty aged. All by a single artist. And while I was having a closer look at the artworks with fascination, the exhibiting artist who happens to be present was fascinated by my long locks and he asked the attendant to invite me for a chat with him.

     The 82 year old artist, Jose "Pepe" Aguilos, Jr., is actually a distinguished Architect. He topped the 1955 National Architectural Board Exams, taught at Far Eastern University for 30 years, and designed and constructed many famous landmarks in the country.

     "Are you painter too?" He asked. "Yes. A frustrated one", I replied. We talked about his art of course (and how dreadlocks are made and maintained). He paints as a hobby, hence the varied styles and genres. He has also reproduced paintings by famous artist like Juan Luna, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir and Rembrandt.

     We also talked about digital art. He was very interested about how art softwares can assist in making real paintings and also about the technology of printing on canvas and other materials.

     I showed him some of my digital portraits posted online and he said they are good (Flattered! LOL). He even offered to paint one of my self-portraits and to let me watch him work on it so I could learn how to paint in oil. Really nice of him!

     This exhibit is actually his second. The first was in November 2006 held at the same venue. His current exhibit runs from January 1 to 14, 2014.  Check it out and if you're lucky you might get to chat with the gregarious artist. ^_^

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