Wednesday, February 26, 2014

     I just recently did a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. I only saw Dead Man's Chest (2006) and On Stranger Tides ( 2011) on the big screen.  Now I got  to see all four films thanks to The Pirate Bay. Where else can you find movies about pirates? LOL! Did you guys know that there's also a short film? Tales of the Code: Wedlocked, released in 2008 which serves as a prequel to The Curse of the Black Pearl.

     You know, I'd like to have a Jack Sparrow costume. I already have the hair for it hehe. The character's appearance is actually the collaboration between costume designer Penny Rose and the actor Johnny Depp himself. The rock n' roll approach to pirates was his idea. That includes the dreadlocks with all the hair ornaments, the eye make-up and braided goatee. Jack's weird behavior was in fact Depp's defiance to how the character was originally written. Because of all that, Captain Jack Sparrow became the most loved pirate of the 2000's decade.

      Hmm... If I work on the costume bit by bit, maybe it will be complete by the release of the 5th film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, in 2016. ^_^

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making a Cushion Pin Board

     I made a pin board yesterday and it is one of the little projects for my room's makeover.  Pin boards are pretty handy. They display and keep favorite photographs and clippings and they help get your attention on an important note or to-do list. If you have an office station at home, then a pin board is a must-have.

     I'm replacing my old, small and boring cork board with a stylish 24" x 30" cushion board. This is something you can also do easily, at a minimal cost. All you need is a piece of wooden board, a sheet of foam of the same size, and a larger sheet of thick fabric (canvas, denim or upholstery fabrics). You will also need a loaded staple gun, some glue and hanging hardware.

     I got my  printed canvas from the Fabric Warehouse in Las PiƱas City for only P65 per yard. The moment I saw it I knew that it is perfect for my pin  board with it's antique postcard design with stamps and tropical flora and fauna.

     You can buy sheets of foam of any size at Uratex. Luckily there's a Uratex factory near our village hehe. I bought a 3/4" thick, 24" x 30" sheet for P85. Half-inch thick will do, actually, and that will cost even less.

      I used an old blackboard that's just lying around here and that really saved me some money. You don't need to buy a large full sheet of plywood. You can buy smaller scrap plywood that's 1/4" thick.

      Well if you have all your materials ready, start by gluing the foam onto the board. No need to put glue on the entire board. In fact you don't have to use glue. You simply need to secure the foam between the wood and the fabric. 

     If everything's in place, fold edges of the fabric, stretch it a bit and staple it on the backside of the board. The staple wires should be at least an inch apart. After you are done on one side, do the opposite side next. For a neat corner fold, follow the simple steps below. Click to enlarge.

After you have stapled all sides and corners, attach your hanging hardware and viola! Your cushion pin board is ready for your anything you want to post. Mine is already in my room and it is almost filled!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Couple of Couple Portraits

     It has been a while since I last shared some digital portrait paintings that I've done. I only had one portrait project last December and had just recently completed 4 this February. I recall doing a lot of portraits in the holiday of 2012. Shirt printing is mostly what I did in the holiday of 2011 and 2014.

    The new projects were commissioned to me by previous clients, who are actually 2 of my best clients. No new clients lately and this is due to the disappearance of my ad in Sulit. Strangely I didn't receive from the admin the usual heads-up to renew my ad. I really must create a website specially for this business, apart from this blog. One that my ads in Sulit and Facebook will lead to.

     Anyway, here are a couple of couple portraits. Hover your mouse cursor on the image to see the original photo. Click on it to see a closer look of the artwork. Cool huh? It's a little html trick that I've recently learned to do hehe.

      This is a gift to Michael and Eden who just got married last December. It's a 12" x 15" stretched canvas print.

    This 16" x 20" stretched canvas print is a gift to Hanz and Jane. They might have gotten married last year also.

      Okay, so watch out for the other recent works among the succeeding posts. ^_^

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines!

Ahh... Love! Indeed no one has never had his or her heart broken in the pursuit of it. The illustration above by Gavin Aung Than is from a 28-panel comic strip that you will find at, a cartoon blog where he shares his comic stories adapted from inspirational quotes. It's a blog that was created just 2 years ago and was made one of the best 100 websites of 2013 by PCMag.

This cute comic strip that I'm sharing, which is perfect for today's occasion, has words by C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) from his book, The Four Loves. Yeah, he's the man who gave us the Narnia books.

Click on the image to see the entire comic story, and even learn from it too. Happy Hearts Day!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Room Makeover:
Refurbishing an Old Bed

      I took possession of this old iron twin-sized bed that has not been used for years. It belonged to my grandmother and is kept in one of the rooms downstairs.  Now if this bed is not from 1930's or 40's then it might be from the late 19th Century. Cool huh?

      The support is made of woven plastic with a solihiya pattern attached to a wooden frame. But the frame is broken and the weaving is now loose and sagging. It will take much effort to fix or replace it. So instead I had bed slats made from angle bars in 3 sections for portability. I had them fabricated in Cavite for Php 2,500. 

      The tip of the posts has no finials. Maybe the posts originally supported metal beams of a fabric canopy. I thought that bed draperies are cool but that would block the view of my wall decor.

       When I shopped for finials I had curtain rod ends in mind but I realize that the turned-wood finials are expensive - Php 560 a pair. So that's Php 1,120 for 4 finials. No way! And the common plastic finials looked boring. Good thing I found these wrought iron spire finials at Wilcon Builders. These iron gate/fence ornaments cost only less than Php 50 each. So these 8 pieces only cost Php 376. I attached them to the bed posts with steel epoxy.

      I wanted to compliment the look of the old bed so I decided to give it a patinated brass finish. First I spray-painted over the original worn-out white paint with gold.

     When the gold paint dried, I brushed the surface with diluted verdigris-colored latex paint. Then I wiped it with a damp rag, leaving patches of color on the inner corners and crevices. This is something I've learned in handicraft and decor companies. ^_^ 

      So how much did it cost to refurbish this bed? The new slats, the finials, 2 cans of gold spray paint, rubber footings - all for Php 3,270.

     I'm not going to show you a photo of the finished bed just yet. I still have get to new sheets and pillow cases to match my room's new color scheme. But the bed is already in my room and I'm glad that I don't have to sleep on just a mattress on the floor anymore. I had been since October last year when I started painting the floor.

     Well the bed is the last of the paint jobs. Now I can bring in the other furniture and start decorating! Watch out for my next post on my room's makeover. ^_^