Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reviving an Old Aquarium

I bought this fish tank in the early 2000's and maintained it only for 2 years. Because it gets really hot in my former room during summer, the water becomes warm  and it kills the fish. I used to keep small goldfish in it. My favorite kind is the black moor.

Well the temperature in my new room is better and I decided to bring in this tank as part of the make-over. This vertical type tank has a built-in lighting receptacle and I placed it at arm's reach from my bed so it will also serve as a side table lamp. I already put water and I'm glad that the electric under-water filter and aerator still works fine.

There's no fish yet. I'm still deciding of what breed to put that is ideal for a 6-gallon vertical tank. I don't think I'll  go as far as Cartimar for aquarium fish even if the choices there are a river wide but I'll check the big Bioresearch branch in ParaƱaque City. ^_^

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