Monday, March 3, 2014

The Monsignor Painting Project

     One of the portraits I enjoyed making  is this one of a cardinal. Well he's not really a cardinal. Kelvin is just wearing a costume here. When he visited the Philippines last year with my client, they went to Batangas and availed the heritage tour at Villa Tortuga in Taal, that includes a photography session where you get to wear Spanish colonial costumes. Instead of a gentleman's barong or a Franciscan friar's robe, or a Spanish general's uniform,  he wore a cardinal's black garment that pretty much suits him. 

      The artwork was printed on a 25" x 30" sized canvas. The print was sent to Qatar and was nicely framed there. Thanks again Kokoy!

     Hover the mouse cursor on the image to see the original photo. Click for a closer look of the artwork.

      The reason why I enjoyed making this portrait is because I always have a fascination for 19th Century and older portraiture. One of my dreams, actually, is to create a studio that specializes in making antique style digital portrait paintings. And for that I will need a lot of  olden time European and Asian costumes!

      Well for the meantime, I could only wish for more portrait projects of this style. 

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