Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three Years of Bohemianism

     This same day 3 years ago I created this blog. It was also the day I started my journey to becoming self-employed. It also marks the beginning of my bohemian life. You'll know that you're bohemian when your unconventionality has led you to follow your creative passion and embrace the consequences for doing so, and that usually includes the sacrificing of your financial well-being. And at hard times like these, bohemianism certainly isn't for everybody.

      Of course every bohemian hopes that their long standing sacrifice will pay off in the future. We've quit our nine-to-five jobs, spent our money, time and energy in becoming an expert in what we love to do - the craft that will generate the money to sustain itself and the artist behind it as well.

     So, how's everything after 3 years on this quest? Well let's start with this blog. It already has 447 posts including this one. There are yet so many things I'd like to feature and talk about here, other than my own works. But I cannot be a full-time blogger as my time is divided among many other endeavors.

 Silkscreen stencils and fabric inks accumulated in 3 years.

    Buhay Bohemio Shirts has more than 20 designs available and new designs are waiting to be released. I probably have printed more than 400 shirts (retail and customized bulk orders) since 2011. So I can say that I am quite an experienced serigraph artist, specializing on water-based textile inks. 

     I've been meaning to expand my screen-printed products.  Like tank tops, tote bags, scarves, wall art, and a lot more. But I feel that I must first open my new online store before I start making new products. Since the demise of Multiply I only have Facebook  to showcase my stuff. You really can't do a category search in a Facebook album plus a lot of other limitations. So I really need a website that is specially made for e-commerce. Well anyway I'm currently working on the new online store and I hope to launch it with new shirt designs this month.

     I also need to build a new website for my digital portrait painting services. This other business of mine is still under-developed after 3 years. No problem with art style techniques - that's just a fraction of the process. The printing, canvas stretching, and framing are all outsourced and the business is dependent on these suppliers. You  know, their limits become your limits as well. But I am still hopeful that I find a solution to this and eventually become a leader in this potentially lucrative medium.

     There is yet so much to do! And I must really work hard if I want to realize my goals. But of course I shouldn't let the pursuit of my dreams suck the life out of me. Bohemianism has taught me how to enjoy life to the fullest even with half-filled pockets. The freedom and limitations in being a boho shaped a better me, I must say. I saw that life is tough and also saw that there is a lot to be thankful for.

     By the way, I'd like to take this chance to thank YOU - my readers, customers and clients for the support that you have given me in the past 3 years. I hope that you guys continue to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for me in the coming years! ^_^


  1. Been reading your blog for a few months now. Want to be self-employed too..maybe in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Well thanks for following my blog, Perryboy! I wish you luck in all decisions you make for your life.