Sunday, March 23, 2014

Feelin' Fine at Thirty-nine

       I've  just turned 39 last Thursday and I wasn't able to write a birthday post sooner. Well as you may have guessed, I've been busy with my creative undertakings and some errands, like the registration of my old motorcycle and the renewal of my driver's license. 

        I was also  busy feeling blessed and loved for the past week. At the family dinner celebration my sister-in-law brought this reggae inspired chocolate flavored cake. She baked it herself and it was really good!  Topher is my nickname at home, by the way. 

        I also received some cash presents from my folks and that gave me the chance to buy some of my little wants,  like the throw blanket with a North-American Indian pattern that I was eyeing for my bed. Maybe I'll do the rest of the retail therapy next week hehe.

       All the greetings on my Facebook wall was just heart-warming so I did my best to reply to each one. It's nice to know you got friends who, despite their busy scheds, would take a few seconds of their time to type "happy birthday" for you. Even an "HBD" is very much appreciated hehe.

      It feels like the universe is also doing it's share in making my special day a happy one. I'm inclined to believe that God also gives me a present at this time of the year. Usually days before or after my birthday there's always good news.  Some problems got fixed, and just recently some opportunities came my way. I'll tell you guys about it soon. ^_^


  1. Wow, happy birthday! Life starts at 40 and you have a year pa to fully prepare for it! Have a great 2014 :)


  2. Thanks Gellie!! I sure hope to step in the 40 box with a grand entrance hehe :-))