Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Paschal Greeting

Christus Resurrexit! Resurrexit Vere!

    On Resurrection Day, it is customary among Orthodox Christians, also among some Catholic and Protestant Christians to greet each other by saying "Christ is risen!", and the response is "He is risen, indeed!" Cool, huh?

     When someone greets me "Happy Easter", I usually say "Happy Resurrection Day". It sounds more about Christ. "Easter", on the other hand sounds pagan. Now I'm not trying to be a hard-core Christian here, as I am quite appreciative of artful pagan stuff. But if today's occasion is the most important day for us Christians because it meant our salvation, then we should greet each other in a way that will remind us of Him who by dying destroyed our death and by rising restored our life. 

      Have a blessed Resurrection Day, guys!

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