Monday, April 14, 2014

Old Churches of Pampanga:
San Fernando Cathedral

     The second Church I visited in Pampanga, with friends Don and Fitz, is the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando.

     The original church made of wood and thatch was built by the Augustinian friars in 1755. The construction of the present church started in 1788 and was completed in 1808.  The church and convent was burned by the Philippine Revolutionary Army in 1899. Another fire damaged the church in 1939 and restoration was done in 1948.

     Taken from the elevated parking of a nearby mall, the church dome shares the frame with the distant Mount Arayat, an extinct volcano.

     The town and it's church is named after their patron saint, the King Ferdinand III of Castile, the Medieval kingdom which today is part of Spain.

         When we came, the retablos were being refurbished. Accents were being re-gilded. The interior is really elegant with it's Baroque style that is not too heavy on ornamentation.

      See more photos HERE.

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