Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The BuhayBohemio Online Catalog

     I finally made public the BuhayBohemio Online Catalog last Monday. I call it a "catalog" because it only showcases my products plus the information. It's not an automated online store where you can order and make a payment right away. It would be awesome if it were, I know. But for now, one has to contact me to buy something that is posted there. 

     You know, I had been working on this since December last year. Yeah, it took that long. It went through a series of trial-and-error while I tried to modify the Blogger template (Vasiliki by Best Theme). Preparing and posting the images was a lot of work too. Oftentimes I had to put it aside to work on other projects. I'm not completely satisfied with what I've done so far, but nonetheless, this template and layout pretty much does the job. Will just have to find the time to make improvements.

     Click on the photo above to take you to You will find new t-shirts designs and also something new about old designs. Check them out! ^_^

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