Saturday, April 12, 2014

New BuhayBohemio Shirt:
The King of Weed T-Shirt

     Here's another new design, my King of Weed T-Shirt. The design is taken from the King of Clubs. 

     So we have here a dread-headed monarch holding a sword on his left hand and a bong on his right hand. Really, the concept of the ganja leaf as a card suite really isn't new but I made an effort to give this artwork some originality.

      This shirt is available for men and ladies and you can also have the print in green. If you want this shirt, contact me! See more t-shirts at ^_^


  1. where can I buy your shirts ? ang gaganda eh

  2. Thanks Thereza! For now I only sell online as I have no printed stocks yet. Shirts are printed when ordered.

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