Saturday, April 12, 2014

New BuhayBohemio Shirt:
The Rasta-Britannica T-Shirt

     I've been seeing a lot of shirts, and other items, with British flag prints out there lately. I wonder what started the trend.  Well I don't usually follow trends but I wanted to adopt the design for BuhayBohemio. It is after all a timeless design. You'd have to admit that the UK flag is nicely designed because of the lines, contrasting colors and symmetry - making it quite a "fashionable" flag.

      So this is my version and I call it the Rasta-Britannica t-shirt. Celebrating the British Rastafarians and  reggae musicians. 

      If you are not into reggae, the print is also available in the original Union Jack colors. Also in black and silver. If you want a shirt like this send me a message. See more of my shirt designs at ^_^

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