Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Busy as a Bohemian Bee

     My, my... It's already pass the middle of June and it's only now that I get the chance to post in my blog. Why? Well as you may have guessed, yes, I've been awfully busy. For two weeks I've been working in an office in Las Piñas City, in a company where I used to work as jewelry designer from 2000 to 2005.

     Don't worry, my dear readers. This bohemian did not give up on being self-employed and choose to go back working nine-to-five. My work here is only project-based and this is the opportunity I mentioned in an earlier post.

     It all started when I went to the said city to renew my driver's license. Since the LTO branch is near the jewelry company, I decided to give them a visit. There I've learned that the guy who operates the computer-aided machine, that carves jewelry model parts, has resigned and they couldn't find a replacement. Now I happen to be the first person in the company to operate this software and machine and I was trained by one of its creators. So my former employer, who I look up to for his business ingenuity, asked if I could handle the machine for them on a per-project basis.

      Well I thought that this is something I can do on the side so I agreed. I started in April, reporting for work only twice a week, usually Thursdays and Fridays, arriving around 2 PM and leaving around 6 or 7 PM. This is a pretty good pace for me. I'd do all my stuff for Buhay Bohemio on the first 3 days of the week and could still enjoy a relaxing weekend.

     But this month the company's primary buyer required us to make samples for an entire new collection of around 50 pieces of stainless steel jewelry and the designs are quite challenging because it involves setting a row of stones along twisted narrow profiles.

      And so I found myself reporting for work everyday for more than two weeks now.  The other weekend I had to work on a pending order of 23 varied Buhay Bohemio shirts. I bought the additional blank shirts on Saturday and printed all that I could on Sunday. Last week I wake up early every morning to print the rest of the shirts, then I go to my jewelry job in the afternoon and usually work until 9 PM, when I get home I iron and pack the shirts that were printed the day before. I delivered the shirts late at night last Friday at my customer's office in Makati City. Lucky for me he's on the graveyard shift.

      Some other tasks I have to put aside and they're starting to pile up like the dirty clothes in my hamper. It may have delayed things but I will classify this jewelry project as a good delay. Because I am being paid for this of course, and it gave me the extra money to buy more of my little wants - some clothes, cravings, things for my room, etc. 

      Moreover, this project is quite a retrospective and introspective experience. The daily commute to the office, cruising along Alabang-Zapote road on my motorcycle (rain or shine); Seeing the people and equipment that I used to work with; Staying in the office after 6 PM to meet deadlines, all bring me back to my late 20's. I actually even tried to remember what priorities and goals I had back then.

    Why do we work? What are we working for? The answers change as the years pass. After almost 10 years of being a company rank-and-file, and now on my third year of being the boss-and-staff of myself, I pretty much know what works best for me. It's a choice between the monthly paycheck versus the creative freedom and having the time and space to seize other opportunities.  

     Yet with this new perception of "making a living", I'm glad there are things that didn't change about me when it comes to work. Whether it's for my own business or somebody else's, I do it with dedication and it's one of those things that gets you carried away... towards success. Just as Vince Lombardi once said, "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

     Ok this post is getting too long. Back to work!

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