Friday, June 27, 2014

My Caramoan Adventure:
Cavorting in Cotivas Island

      Once again our little boat took us to another beautiful island in Caramoan. Look at the map and notice that the sea has different shades of blue. While the boat takes you from island to island, you will witness the water change from aquamarine to turquoise to cobalt. The color depends on how deep the water is and what's at the bottom (corals or just sand).

     But blue is what you wouldn't feel the moment you see Cotivas Island in a  sunny day. This slug shaped island has a sandy tail and to be on that part of the island will give you a feeling of lightness, of freedom. I dunno, maybe because I felt so small. I looked around me and saw vastness in every direction.

     You will feel like you want to run or do a cartwheel. And no matter how much you weigh, you will surely get yourself involved in a jump shot LOL.

     Yoga anyone? We're doing a reverse warrior pose  (are we doing it right? haha) at the Eastern tip of the island. Look up and there's nothing but the sun, sky and clouds. 

     I feel that in a past life I was a jellyfish with a very deadly sting hehe.

     Which side of the beach would you like to take a dip? The West side or the North side?  That's Basot Island you see in the background. We didn't go there hehe.

     The sun was at it's peak while we were frolicking here and it cooked us real good. Hadn't our tour guide called us to get ready for the next island we wouldn't realize that it's already lunch time. 

      Which of the islands of Caramoan is the best place to have lunch? Find out on the next post.  ^_^

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