Monday, June 30, 2014

My Caramoan Adventure:
A Shrine in Barangay Tabgon

      So the finale of my Caramoan island-hopping adventure together with my good ol' friends Don, Fitz, Joey, Chogie, Thryke and Dennis, held May 2 and 3, 2014, took place in Tabgon where the shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary is situated. As our boat approaches the dock of this barangay in mainland Caramoan, we could already see the white colossal statue of the Blessed Virgin standing high up on a mountain.


     To get to the shrine you will have to walk on an uphill road through a small village, then at the welcome arch you begin your climb on a flight of concrete steps that has an uneven rise. How does 500+ steps sound to you? Well think of it as an act of penitence or the ultimate cardio exercise hehe. You don't have to hurry of course. You can stop and catch your breath and wait for your second wind. Make sure to bring bottled water with you!

     At the top end of the stairs you will first see a small yellow chapel, then the statue of the Virgin that is on a higher elevation that again you will have to climb if you want a closer look.

     If you ask me, I think those telecom towers are an eyesore but they might have been built there before the shrine.

      This view is seen from the base of the statue. Really looks lovely at sunset and I couldn't help but feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I feel blessed to be given the chance to see this beautiful place, and sad because I was looking at the expanse of Caramoan for the last time since we'll be going home the next day, carrying with us just digital images, memories,  and the pain of... sunburned skin hihihi.

      So to sum up, we visited the town of Tabgon, the islands Lahuy, Cotivas, Bagieng, Kagbalinad, Matukad and Lahus in 2 days. There were other cool places that we didn't get to see in the mainland, like Gota Beach that was currently off-limits to tourist for the Survivor TV games, and Tinago Cove that is inaccessible when the tide is low,  also there's Tayak lake. We would need another day to see them but we all need to be back in Manila by May 5 (Monday).

   Nonetheless I do hope you enjoyed reading about my Caramoan trip. Let's just see what far off place in the Philippines you'll read about next in this blog. ^_^

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