Monday, July 28, 2014

Indietronica Music
by The Postal Service

         I remember hearing the song Brand New Colony in 2005 and that was the only music I have of The Postal Service. But in my recent listening to radio music, on a station that plays alternative music from the 90's and the first decade of 2K's, I realized I should download more tracks from this group.

        The Postal Service was an American musical group that formed in 2001, was active til 2005 and did performances in 2013. They are a supergroup. Meaning, a group whose members are already successful as solo artists or are from other known bands. Actually I'm only familiar of Ben Gibbard who's also the lead vocals of Death Cab for Cutie.

         This collaboration only produced one album, Give Up, which originally has 10 tracks. The 10th anniversary edition of the album included 15 bonus tracks which include remixes, covers and 2 new songs.

     I really enjoyed listening to this album. It's electronica and indie pop music that's easy on the ears and I must say that the lyrics are cute. My new favorites are: We Will Become Silhouettes, Sleeping In, and Grow Old With Me.

     Give it a listen!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BuhayBohemio Shirts: What's New?

       No new designs yet but old designs are now available on tank tops. Finally! Perfect for the rainy days LOL! Yeah I know it's kinda late for the season. I bought the plain tank tops in May but it's only now that I get to post it on the online catalog. Well it's a tropical country we're living in anyway. Tank tops can be worn all year round here hehe.

      For starters, only black and white pure cotton tank tops are available. Maybe someday I can have navy blue and red also. There are currently 21 designs that you can have as tank tops. Check them out! Click on the pics.  ^_^