Monday, August 4, 2014

BuhayBohemio Shirts:
The Chi-Rho T-Shirt

       BuhayBohemio has a Ganesh  and a Buddha t-shirt. It's high time that I design a shirt dedicated to The King of Kings and The Lord or Lords. The symbol Chi-Rho is one of the earliest forms of christogram. It bears the Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P), the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ. In this shirt I also included Alpha and Omega as Christ said He is "the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last."

      Constantine I (306-337 AD) used this symbol as part of his military standard. It is said that, before his battle against Maxentius' army, while he was marching with his soldiers in midday they saw a symbol arising from the light of the sun with the message, In Hoc Signo Vinces, or "with this sign, you will conquer". The following night Christ appeared to him in a dream with the same heavenly sign and instructed him to make a standard, the labarum, for his army in that form. Constantine defeated Maxentius in 312 AD and later defeated Licinius in 324 AD. Constantine eventually became the first Christian emperor of Rome. Cool story, huh?

          I'm gonna make this design available in all colors that I have in stock. I got 12 shirt colors for men and 6 colors for ladies. Tank tops are available in only 2 colors for now. See the online catalog for my suggested color combinations. ^_^


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