Thursday, October 16, 2014

My DIY Paper Tags

       My BuhayBohemio Shirts now has paper tags and they are home-made hehe. There is also a printed label inside the back of the shirts near the collar. I had been meaning to put these branding materials to make my shirts, well, look more presentable as a product. So after months of thinking (and procrastinating), I finally came up with a simple and stylish paper tag that I don't have to spend much money or time on.

        The tags are made of brown board and stamps. I got the boards in Divisoria and it's only less than Php 14 per 3 x 4 ft sheet (minimum of 10 sheets). I also had 4 stamps made  for less than Php 300 each. The rubber stamp is cut by a computer aided machine so any intricate design can be made into a stamp real quick!

       Also I bought 3 stamp pads of different colors for Php 96 each, a 3-mm hole puncher for Php 75, a tagging gun for Php Php 160, and box of plastic tag strings for Php 80. All in all, my supplies that cost Php 1,900 can yield around 2,000 paper tags. That same amount can only give me around 500 tags if I have them printed.

       Of course I don't need to make 2,000 tags all at once. I made 100 in less than 30 minutes (thanks to the handy paper guillotine here at home). Stamping the tags is the fun part. The fulfilling part is putting the tag on the shirts hehe.  With all these boards I can make tags and packaging for my other products. I'll let my creative (and meandering) mind take care of that.

       What's next? Paper bags. ^_^   


  1. Hi! May I know where in Divi did you buy the puncher and the tagging gun? Thanks!

    1. Hi Claudine!
      At the corner of Juan Luna St. and Sta. Elena St., you will find a store that sells paper and other school/office supplies. Sorry I didn't take note of the name of the store. ^_^

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  4. Sir, ano po name ng store? Thnks

  5. Sir, san po banda sa Juan luna st?

  6. Sir, saan po kayo nagpagawa ng stamps?