Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New BuhayBohemio Shirts:
Symbols of Protection and Peace

       These are the two last designs for 2014. I'm supposed to make 3 but I changed my mind about the other one, even after the film was already printed.  The stencil for these two designs has been ready since October but it's only now that I get to launch them on the online catalog and this blog. As usual, there has been delays but they are what I call "good delays". In coming posts maybe I'll talk about what had me putting aside some tasks that's 

         Anyway this is my Hamsa T-Shirt. Yup, I already have aqua blue shirts in my stock and I'll make some old designs available in this color too for you boys and girls.

        So what is a hamsa? It's an ancient symbol of Middle Eastern origin that is recognized in 3 religions. In Islam it is known as the Hand of Fatima, commemorating Muhammad's daughter Fatima Zahra. Jews refer to it as the Hand of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron. Levantine Christians call it the Hand of Mary, the Virgin.

       The hamsa is commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings. It is a sign of protection and also represents blessings, power and strength. It is also seen as a potent deflector of the evil eye, a malicious stare believed to be able to cause illness, death or just any kind of bad luck. 

         Well this symbol does feel like a pretty potent design because it seem to work with all my available shirt colors. I currently have eleven but I will make this design basically available in black, white, brown, purple, pink, yellow and my new aqua blue.

       Unlike the hamsa, this symbol didn't come from ancient times. This widely used peace symbol was originally created in 1958 for the British anti nuke war movement by professional designer and artist Gerald Holtom. The symbol is a combination of 2 flag semaphore signals for N and D which stands for nuclear disarmament.

           I originally had reggae colors in mind when I designed my tank top (above) which I will simply call Rasta Peace. I really like how it turned out. Too bad I ran out of black tank tops and so does my supplier! But interestingly, the design can also produce these two other color styles on shirts:
        Hippie Peace T-Shirt, available in pink and purple shirts for men and ladies.

       No-2-War T-shirt, available for men and ladies, only in white.

     Well I guess I'll just be printing shirts alongside other projects for the remaining days of the year. So much for the plan to sell shirts in holiday bazaars. But if I get to do so next year, I most likely will have around 40 designs available. O_o

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