Sunday, March 1, 2015

Four Years of Bohemianism

     Ahh March is here! I love this month. I always though of it as a happy month because when I was a kid it meant that school is ending, or that I'll be graduating soon. Also it marks the beginning of the hot and dry season that's perfect for beach trips <3 .   For me it is the month of transition. The month of happy endings and beautiful beginnings. Oh did I mention that March is also my birth month? ^_^

      I started this blog in March. On the 1st day, as a matter of fact. So today is my blog's 4th anniversary which also marks the day I decided to go bohemian  and quit working 9-to-5 to become a self-employed artist.

      In retrospection I read all my March-1 posts in this blog. It didn't take long, there are only 3 posts haha, and 4 years isn't so long ago - it's too early for a success story. That is, if you equate success to becoming rich and famous. But my idea of success is being able to do what you want to do in life. Take note: it's "do", and not "have".

     What I want to do is create, create and create things and sell them away to have the money to create, create and create more things ( and pay for the bills, of course ). Well I'd say that I've been doing that - the creating part. I'm not making much money but I'd like to mention that after 4 years, I'm now just a few thousand Pesos away from breaking even. Yeah, the amount of money in my vault will be back the way it was when I started this whole thing. If you think about it, at that point nothing is gained except valuable knowledge,  experience,  suppliers, and clientele... plus stocks of blank shirts and some durable equipment hehe.

    It's like graduating from a 4-year course and it's time to move up to the next level. I need to take time to make assessments and plans. But before that, I really need a Summer break. I'm actually burned-out! Really! I have not recharged myself after the work of last year's Holidays and I hoped to relax and do some non-profitable creative stuff in January. But instead I had to work on monograms and new designs for Customized Chic. Though it does bring in cash, I feel guilty because I haven't done anything for my brand since then. ( Well not really, I did serve a few orders of shirts and portraits. )  I mean I haven't done anything significant. Like introducing a new product, or getting some business problems solved.

      Yeah there are problems but most of them are good problems and I am thankful for them. Well I continue to have many  other things to be thankful for and they certainly are not problems at all. Like you, my dear readers - all 27 of you and those who follow this blog anonymously ( I can see the stats ^_^ ). Also the 492 people  who liked the FB page, the majority of which are complete strangers hehe. Thank you so much to those who bought shirts and other items that I made. The one-time customers and those who keep coming back for more.  Many thanks also to my regular clients for my digital portraiture services. You guys keep me going! God bless you all!!!

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