Monday, March 30, 2015

Old Cavite Churhes:
Maragondon Church

   The 7th church we visited is the Church of Maragondon. Sounds like a place in Middle Earth hehe.
It is also known as the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church and it  is actually a National Cultural Treasure. Its rural simplicity really charmed me the most.

      The first structure made of light materials was built in 1618. Then the first stone structure was built from 1630 to 1633, only to be later demolished by the government to prevent invading Dutchmen (Olandes) from using it for fortification. (Netherlands at that time was fighting for independence from Spain).
After 1650 another wooden church was built. The construction of a new stone church, which probably is what we see standing there today,  was completed in 1714.

    Check out this awesome main door. Beautifully weathered by 3 centuries! Our revolutionaries walked in and out of this door when they made this church one of their bases in May 1897.

      The church interior with its white walls and ceiling creates a bright and roomy atmosphere that is grand and simple at the same time.

       The plain white backdrop provided by the walls and ceiling gave emphasis to the main retablo (as well as the other two at the transepts) to which all ornamentation is concentrated.

    Well there's also the elevated pulpit, which certainly was not deprived of attention ^_^

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