Thursday, March 5, 2015

Top 10 Best Selling
BuhayBohemio Shirts

      I first launched BuhayBohemio shirts online in February 2012 with only 4 designs. By the end of 2014, I already have more than 30 designs which I also made  available on tank tops.  Some designs I already phased out. I recycled their frames to give way for new designs that I thought would be cool.

      I remember that I am supposed to release 3 new designs by the end of March. But before I show you new creations,  I'm gonna share something that you might be curious about - What are my best selling t-shirts? Well here they are:   ^_^

    Two shirts share this spot as the 10th most ordered designs: The CMYK Buddha (left) released in 2013, and the Rasta-Britannica (right) from last year.

    Yeah, these 4 have the same number of sales. This top 10 list actually has 17 shirt designs all in all hehe.
Anyway, from left to right, USSR (2012), Rising In-Yo (2013), Motorcycle Diaries (2013), and Omakara (2013).

    On the 8th spot is the Republika shirt (left) from 2012, one of the first shirts ever designed by me; and the Resist Rebel Reclaim  shirt from 2013.

     At lucky number 7 is my Starvebux shirt. Maybe I could make this available on a light khaki t-shirt someday. Not everybody is fond of wearing white, you know.

    On 6th place is my KKK shirt (2012) and my Swiss shirt (2014). Both designs are available in red and black. I just didn't take note which color sold the most. ^_^ 

    On  the 5th spot are two of my Rasta-reggae inspired designs from 2012. Songs of Freedom  and Zion 1930.

     On top 4 is the Ankh shirt from 2013. Not everybody knows what this symbol means or where it came from. But I'm pretty sure most of those who bought this shirt know their Egyptian mythology.

         On top 3 is my Ganesh t-shirt. One of my favorites. I could make a 4-panel wall art from this design someday.

    The 2nd runner up is a tie! hehe.  The Ganja Farm shirt (left) and the Rizal Stamp shirt (right), both from 2013. Some customers are asking for new cannabis leaf prints and other national hero designs. Well let's see what I can do this year.

     And the most ordered shirt from BuhayBohemio as of today is the Feel Alright shirt from 2014. A line well known in the song One Love by reggae legend Bob Marley.

      So there you have it folks - the top 10, or should I say, the 17 most ordered shirts from BuhayBohemio. All shirts designed and printed by yours truly.

     I'm not really certain why the above mentioned designs sold more than the rest. Most shirts on the list are from 2013 and I'm trying to remember If I was actively marketing my products then. Nonetheless this list is quite useful for me. When I start printing stocks I now know which designs to print first. ^_^

     If you stumbled into this blog for the first time and would like to get some of these shirts, please visit my online catalog. ^_^    

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