Thursday, April 2, 2015

Old Churches of Cavite:
Dasmariñas Church

     We arrived at our 11th church around 7PM, I think. And I am glad to see another old church with an an impressive facade. Dasmariñas Church, is another church built in honor of the Immaculate Conception. The church's mains structure made of stone was built in the same year when the parish was established in 1867. It was simple and had no belfry then. Improvements and repairs were made in 1874 and 1880.

      However, I didn't expect the not-so-high ceiling. I realized that pediment part of the facade was just a veneer. When we got here there was a mass going on and we had to wait for it to finish before we could take closer shots of the altar. There were also plastic sheets covering the renovation at the right side of the church, hence such cropping of this photo hehe.

     The retablo at the altar certainly isn't 17th Century. But the image of the Immaculate Conception was carved in 1857 by a famous sculptor Don Esperidion Arevalo from Sta. Cruz, Manila who also carved the retablos at Imus Church, Cavite.

     Another remarkable thing about this church are its doors. Aside from the front door, it also has large doors at the side aisle and transept. Each panel is carved with a relief of a known Marian image, like Lady of Fatima, Lady of Lourdes, etc. The church is a good place to test your knowledge of Marian imagery. ^_^

      As I mentioned earlier, we targeted to visit 12 known old churches in Cavite. The last church was the Cathedral of the Lady of the Pillar. When we got there sometime past 8 PM, it was already closed for the day, no lights and totally creepy. And it's a shame because it was a cathedral that we missed - a large an important church. Ironically, Imus is close to Manila but our route is a loop starting in Bacoor, then the coastal towns of Kawit and Rosario,  then General Trias, then Tanza, Naic, and Maragondon, then Ternate, then a long trip to Indang, then another to Silang as it was getting dark, then Dasmariñas and Imus, then back to Dasmariñas to get back to Metro Manila via Daang Hari Road.

     Don's route plan is actually good because it allowed us to visit a lot churches by mid afternoon, since the first number of towns are smaller and close to each other. Anyway, Don and Fitz will come back for Imus Cathedral with their folks. Too bad I can't *sniff* but it was really nice of Don to offer the use of his photos of the cathedral. But you know, the experience of seeing it yourself is important too. Well maybe some other day. Imus after all is near the Metro.

    And so this concludes our Cavite Churches Tour that happened 11th of March 2015. Muchas gracias to Don Trivño of and; and Fitz Villafuerte of

    Have a blessed Holy Week!

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