Friday, May 15, 2015

Puerto Galera for the Primera Vez

    My, my! It's been a month since I last made a blog post! Well there could only be one reason for that, and I'm kinda tired of saying it as much as you are probably tired of hearing it. But I'm sure you'll be glad to know I took a vacation on the first 3 days of this month in Puerto Galera, Mindoro with my close friends and cousin, and it was a vacation that I really really needed!

      So I'm gonna talk about my first time at White Beach in Puerto Galera. Yeah it took me 40 years before I stepped foot onto that famous beach. I have been invited there many times by the same people who I went there with.  But the fact of it being famous could only mean that it's a crowded and very commercialized place - and that just didn't appeal to me. I'd tell them that I prefer beaches that are secluded and unexploited, the kind that's perfect for a nature-loving boho like me. Just like Caramoan which I visited last year and Anawangin in 2010.

   When our boat reached the shores of Puerto Galera, I saw a beach that is lined with business establishments with their permanent structures and signages. Also I saw waters on which float clusters of rafts, banana boats, and jetskis. It was 11 AM when we got there and the scorching heat of the sun just didn't get me excited to take a dip.

   By late afternoon more and more people started to show up. I've never seen this many people in a beach in my entire life as a hermit LOL. My friends say that it gets even more crowded on Holy Week, particularly Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Pilgrims? I think not hehe.

   But I'm asolutely not a snob. Bohemians can find beauty anywhere they go. And in my 3-day stay in White Beach, I'll tell you guys why I now LOVE Puerto Galera hehe.

    The Sand. It's pretty vast. It's about 20 meters to the water and the entire beach is about a kilometer long. The fine sand is light beige and looks white under the bright noontime sun. Why shouldn't they call it White Beach? Puerto Galera, by the way is Spanish for Galley Port. A galley is a kind of ship different from a galleon. Anyways...

   The water. It is magnificently blue. Cool and clear and the current that flows North East keeps it that way. I of course brought my diving mask and snorkel. There's not much to see down there but I've heard you'll see more marine life in Sabang Beach which is also in Puerto Galera.

  The sunset. Nothing makes a beach more romantic than a golden sun setting behind a glistening sea. *sigh*  Sunset will always be my favorite time of the day.

   The geography. If you want to see less people and man-made stuff. Walk to the East end of the beach to see more greens and rock formations. In that area you'll find less sand and more sea stones smoothen by the waves for millions of years.

  The munch. I realize that commerialized beaches are pretty convenient. With all the restaurants and bars there, you're sure to find whatever it is you wanna eat or drink - steak, pasta, tapsilog, shawarma, shakes, hao-halo, soda, beer, cocktails, icecream...

    The nightlife. Even after midnight White Beach is still lively and that gives you extra hours of leisure during your vacation, and I just began to appreciate this feature in beaches. Yeah I didn't have to stay put in our rented room at 8 PM and observe silence for the sleeping neighbors.

  However a lot of bars here hold their own outdoor drag shows - not the Club Mwah kind of classines (Ok now I'm being a snob LOL). .And the bars are too close to each other so imagine the loud overlaping music!

    But my friends and I, we're too old for noisy bars ^_^. So we just bought beer, took our beach mat near the East end of the beach and enjoyed listening to the waves with trance music from our friends Bose Bluetooth speakers, under the light of the moon.

     Another thing in abundance at White Beach are souvenir shops. Most are selling blings (that I also see in Divisoria) and shirts printed with "Puerto Galera" of course. The shirts are very affordable. Like a printed shirt cost 120 to 150 Pesos. You can get a printed tank top for as low as 100 Pesos! Buhay Bohemio Shirts just couldn't compete here LOL.

   But I must say, don't expect quality prints at that price. I took a closer look at their rubberized prints and some prints are un-even in opacity and off-register. The prints on white shirts are cleaner. I bough one and a tie-dyed dress for my folks back home.

  Since I'm in a beach with lots of people, I might as well go people-watching. Yeah I do that sometimes. Sometimes I enjoy watching them watching me and my wicked dreadlocks hehe. If you look interesting enough you get to meet people and do more than just watch. ;P

   While heading back home my friend asked me about how my first time in Puerto Galera was. I told them we should make this an anual thing. And we all just laughed! :D

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