Monday, June 1, 2015

New BuhayBohemio T-Shirt:
The Baybayin Tee

   If you have been following my Instagram, you probably saw a picture of me writing Baybayin characters, using a wide brush and poster paint, on old sheets of parchment. I actually had fun doing the calligraphy part of this design and it made me appreciate our pre-colonial alphabet even more.

    The text on this shirt is the first sentence in our Patriotic Oath which reads: "Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas, lupang aking sinilangan, tahanan ng aking lahi." (I love the Philipines, land of my birth, home of my people.) There is just no better way to write these words than in Baybayin.

  The print is gold and is available on brown, navy blue and black t-shirts for men. For ladies, there are violet and black tees. Tank tops are available in black only. Well if you want white I can do something about it. ^_^

If you want this shirt send me a message. Oh and do visit my online catalog!


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