Friday, June 5, 2015

Suddenly, a Portrait Project

    It has been a while since I worked on a digital painting. My last project was in December last year and that was for a client who usually orders a lot of family portraits that she give as gifts. She ordered 15 portraits and that surely gave me a lot of stress before the holidays hehe.

    And since then I haven't really done anything about this other business of mine. I didn't market it or start working on the official website that I had been meaning to create. I dunno, maybe I just took a break from it, or because I was upset that one of my print suppliers ran out of my preferred printable canvas that's thick and matte. I just hate their glossy canvas - not really because it's glossy but because it's dirty. They have little spots! Trouble is, this particular supplier will not order a new roll of matte canvas until the glossy one is completely  consumed. Though  I do have other print suppliers but each of them have issues. So you see, this business of mine is dependent on these printers and don't have the millions to buy my own large-format printer and import rolls of canvas. *sigh*

   Anyway, a week before the end of May, I received an email about an inquiry on my art services. This lady, Madam Peri, wanted to blow up a family photo as a birthday present for her mom who's in her 80's. But she doesn't just want a big photo. She wants an image that is artfully done. And she's pretty much aware that there is such a thing as digital paintings. So she seached the web and found me through my blog. Thank you, Google! hehe.

  So after nearly a 6-month break, an art project came and it was a little grand. It's framed portrait of 11 people with a print size of 45" x 28". With the frame it's 52" x 35" and I had to transport it from Manila to Alabang ( client's from BF Homes ) on public transportation. I felt I was delivering a knock-down table or a small door!

   Anyway, the artwork was delivered safely and I did enjoy a good chit-chat with my client over coffee. Thanks, Madam Peri!

To see the original photo, hover the mouse cursor over the image below, click on the image for a closer look at the artwork.

   Portraits make a wonderful gift. If you want to have a photo converted to art, message me! ^_^

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