Monday, August 17, 2015

102 Irie Prints

    That's 40 pieces of men's shirts, 40 tank tops, 20 ladies' shirts and 2 windbreaker jackets, to be precise. All of these are for my dreadlock artist, Avhel, who runs a shop at Pavilion Mall near Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City. He used to order 20 to 30 pieces and it has been a while since he last ordered. So now he's  back with a vengeance and  it really got me occupied for over a month. I printed 5 days a week in the the daytime then worked on graphics for Customized Chic at night.

      Because of that I had to put aside some shirt orders by other friends and reluctantly ignored some online inquiries. Really sorry guys! :-( If only I had printed stocks then processing your orders would be a breeze. But to print stocks certainly won't be a breeze (especially in this humid weather). I kinda realize that while working on these items - it's gonna be the same scenario. To think this is just 8 to 12 pieces each of every 11 selected designs (7 of which has 3 print colors). Not only was it tedious but it's quite straining on the back and feet.

      Well you can very much see in the pictures that my press certainly isn't for mass production. I'm not really working my way to become a manufacturer, you know. I want BuhayBohemio to someday become a small-time but popular brand hehe. Yeah I like it small-time because if it's big-time then it wouldn't be bohemian. ^_^

    And so while my  body was in robot mode I was pondering on a better way to produce printed stocks. I'd either outsource  or hire an assistant. Or maybe hire someone to do most of the work while I assist and supervise. Of course each of the options has its pros and cons, and naturally, the easiest option is usually the most expensive...  Well I really don't have to come to a decision right away, even if the -ber months are closing in. *sigh*

    Anyway I'm just glad I'm done with this project. Tiring as it was, yet it was something to be irie about. After all, work is a blessing from Jah. ^_^

     So I'm gonna rest for a couple of days maybe, then start printing the first 30 pieces of customized souvenir shirts that will give me a chance to see El Nido, Palawan someday. I'll tell you about it soon. ^_^