Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Long Meh Post Before Christmas

    Hello,  my dear readers. Are you still there? LOL  You probably didn't notice that this blog has been inactive for more than a month. Understandable. After all it's already 15 days before Christmas. Not that I am excited about it, but I'm sure you are all busy with the worldly concerns of the coming holidays.

    Well I'm just glad I'm able to squeeze-in the writing of this post even its just a "meh" post - you know, nothing really special. Nothing about traveling to a new place, or a new t-shirt design or any artwork to wow anyone.

    This is just about work. The kind that makes me feel like an artist but not bohemian, if you know what I mean. But having this kind of work is also a good thing, right? It brings in the money for Christmas shopping. But of course I would've been even more glad if the work done was for the goals of my own brand Buhay Bohemio.

   Since the release of the my last 3 t-shirt designs in May this year, I took a  break from creating new ones. I thought that I should give way for producing printed stocks. But not a single shirt was made for that purpose. Instead I worked on monogrammed items for Customized Chic, which is  doing pretty well this year especially this last quarter. In fact most of my working hours are spent handling fonts, putting letters together to make monograms and names. It's pretty easy work but quite tedious.

     Within a year, Madam Yssa of Customized Chic has expanded her line with a wide variety of products. We started with just engraved and printed plexiglass trays. Now the hard lines include small boxes, place mat sets, desk liners, file boxes, tissue boxes, ice buckets, lap desks and table-top stands. There are also wood products with embedded bamboo designs. Soft lines include embroidered shawls, hats, tote bags and throw pillows. Oh also metal monograms as pendant or decorative clips for shawls, bags, and ladies' shoes. Ah there are paper products too - monogrammed gift wrappers and stationery. Plus stamps!

      While serving the monogram orders, by the way,  I found time to work on another graphic project. This was commisioned by my young brother a week ago. I designed a couple of logos and roll-up banners for him, and some icons for a software that his company is developing.

      You know, I'm happy for my brother. He's an electronic communications engineer and is very much into modified cars. After he graduated and passed the board exams he worked for our family's sub-distributor company for years (much longer than I did). When the family biz closed down in 2013 he started working for Adaptronic, an Australian brand of ECU (engine control unit) for cars.  Yeah I bet he's loving his new job hehe.

    So what about BuhayBohemio Shirts? Well, the shirts above are all that I've printed last November. But they were not sold as BuhayBohemio Shirts but as PinoyDreadman Apparel (that's my dreadlock artist's brand). No new orders yet for December. How could there be?  I'm not marketing them! Hehe.

     Well maybe I'm avoiding orders? I just don't have the confidence to market my shirts without printed stocks in hand. Though I used to do that - I advertise online then print what was ordered. But things are different now. Before people order 6 to 12 shirts. Now 50 to 100.  Last August I had a taste of what it's like to print shirts on the daytime and work on graphics in the evening until midnight as a daily routine. It sure wasn't  pretty - not the output but my face. It started to get zits out of stress.

     Speaking of what is stressful and different now, there's the Metro Manila traffic. It seemed to have worsen after a year. I remember in this same month last year I had to go to Divisoria for screen printing supplies, Cubao for blank shirts, and Quiapo to print digital portraits and have them framed. I can only imagine how haggard it would be to do that now. Argh my digital portrait painting services! That too is put aside now. Still has  no official website! Am I gonna talk about this also? Because this post is getting really long.
     I'm lost, really. I don't know what to do. Not yet, at least.  I guess I never took time to sit and think about how to outsource the  menial, no-brainer tasks. Because in between projects my mind and body just wants to relax and condition itself for the next robot mode hehe. Maybe I'll think it over the holidays LOL.

    You know, things can get really boring when you have been working at home alone for years. Facebook becomes your window to the outside world. But Facebook can be like a villain called The Procastinater hehe. So I rarely look at my newsfeed during the -ber months. Looking at it makes me feel that my life is even more uneventful than I  think it is :-P

     So thank God for Spotify haha. Music saves! I only started using Spotify a couple of months ago. Grooveshark is gone now so I replaced my shared Grooveshark playlists here with Spotify playlists. If you wanna check out the music that I've been listening to, visit my Spotify Profile.

    Okay I'm gonna shut up now ang go back to work. :-P

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