Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Señor Angel y Señora Romana:
A Digital Restoration & Reproduction Project

   This project began last year and it was only completed last week. It really wasn't a very painstaking endeavor. It only took that long because it was often put aside LOL. But I'm glad that my client was patient about it.

   The two charcoal portraits are from an ancestral house in Batangas. They are husband and wife from the 1800's. But I'm not really sure if the original portraits were made in that era. It may have been done after the turn of the century.

   My client first gave me Señora Romana's portrait. You can see above how the artwork has deteriorated over the centuries. The wood oval frame is made of planks that are screwed together and the joints are already split. It has a nice bubble (convex) glass that is rarely produced today.

   If you think Señora Romana's portrait was badly damaged, Señor Angel's is even worse. It got ripped and they've tried to fix it with clear tape -  that turned brown after decades. His wooden frame is already broken but they were able to keep the  bubble glass. The two portraits, for some reason, were separated for many many years. Romana's stayed in the ancestral house while Angel's was brought to a house in Parañaque City.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Five Years of Bohemianism

    I just realize that buhaybohemio.com, the blog and business, is already 5 years old. It was on the first day of March, 2011, that I decided to go freelancing as a graphic artist, created this blog, and started a small business of retailing printed t-shirts that I designed.

   Five years sounds like a long enough time to expect some improvement. So how's everything?

   Well I'm glad that I still find the time to write for my blog. I had envisioned that it will someday become a website where you will mostly read about the Filipino artistic culture. But today it remains a personal online journal where I share my journey to my creative and business goals. I'm pretty much cool about it, really.

   You know, the last time I printed shirts was November last year and I stopped accepting orders since then. Don't worry, my dear readers, I didn't quit. Let's just say I took a little break from printing. I plan to change the type of inks that I use. It's the type that doesn't dry easily and clog my screens. The El Niño phenomenon has been going on since last year, and I found myself scrubbing my screens longer that I should between prints. So switching to aquasol inks will solve that problem. But that requires me to purchase a heat press machine to cure the prints. Yeah, that means I'll be shelling out blue Peso bills again hehe. Anyway, as soon as I get a heat press machine and new set of inks, I'll be back to start printing stocks and maybe produce new designs on the side.

   My digital portraiture services still has no official website and I have not been marketing it. So that business is as stagnant as a puddle. There were no new clients. However, for a previous client, I have just completed a digital restoration and reproduction project of a pair of ancestral portraits from the 1800's. Will tell you more about it in another post. ^_^

    So lately I feel more like just another freelancing graphic artist than an "artrepreneur". I have a pending company profile folder for a printing business owned by a friend's family. Also I continuously work on monogrammed items for Customized Chic which has become the bread-and-butter for the past months. It really should be the other way around - I should work for Buhay Bohemio full time and everything else should be on the side.

    I have to admit that I'm a little lost. They say that it's okay to be lost sometimes as long as you know exactly where you want to go. How to get there has always been the question and it's a kind that has an entourage of subsequent questions.

   But I believe that things will fall into place. We gravitate towards what we really want the most, right? So I'm just gonna keep on moving... and learning! ^_^