Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finally, a Heat-Press Machine

    So this new machine heralds the beginning of my use of slow-drying inks that will prevent the screens from clogging, thus reducing the washing time. It also heralds the end of my use of a household flat iron for curing  prints and that will also save me a lot of time. This machine also is a step toward using metallic foil prints. Also vinyl prints if I get a cutter-plotter, and sublimation prints too if I get a digital printer for sublimation inks. But of course these other uses that requires more expensive machines are for the not-so-near future hehe.

    Actually I have not taken my new heat-press out of its box since the day it was brought here. It has been over 3 weeks now haha! Well obviously I'm taking my time with my break from printing and also trying to enjoy Summer. I have not been accepting orders of shirts since November last year. Because with the prevailing El NiƱo, printing shirts with my old fast-drying water-based inks will only damage my screens.

    So lately, I have only been doing digital graphic work. Mostly, the monogram orders for Madam Yssa of Customized Chic who actually gave me the money to buy this heat-press as a Christmas gift. She actually tricked me into telling her that I need this machine haha and then she had the money deposited in my bank. Amazing, isn't it? For someone to help you with your business like that. Just like my former employer Boss Vic who provided the wheels to bring this bulky 24kg machine from Makati to our house here in Alabang.

    Well summer is almost over and June is just hours away. I better buy aquasol inks soon because orders are waiting. Remember the El Nido shirts for Sea Cocoon Hotel I made last year? Well Boss Vic ordered for a second batch and I think they're over 70 or 80 pieces. He bought the blank shirts already, the same day when I bought the heat-press.

     Looks like I'll be back to being busy again. Yeah, that is a good thing.