Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back Into Printing!

Well I'm giving myself a pat on the back for getting back into printing. Yeah I finally found the drive to pick up that squeegee again. Facebook Memories has been showing me photos of shirts that I've printed 2 or 3 years ago as if they were poking me. Also I'm beginning to feel guilty about not accepting orders that I get through my blog and my FB page.

    But I'm still not accepting orders just yet. The pending second batch of El Nido shirts are being done and I am also now stocking up on printed shirts for my brand Buhay Bohemio. The shirts above, my Rasta-Britannica, was printed last week and this is the very first set of stocks ever done in the history of my t-shirt retailing business haha!

    Oh wait, I remember my Moto-Industry t-shirt that I made in 2011 where I've printed a stock of nearly 50 shirts as an experiment to see what strategy works best. That was the print-then-sell approach but I resorted to the print-when-ordered approach instead because it seemed practical. I only had to print one shirt and advertise it. Then I kept stocks of blank shirts of varied sizes and colors while my screens are on stand-by waiting for an order. That pretty much worked when people buy 1 to 5 shirts. Then re-sellers started ordering 12 to 30 different shirts. When they began ordering almost a hundred shirts with some designs using 3 ink colors, that's when I realized that the print-when-ordered approach could be quite stressful hehe.

    Perhaps the print-then-sell approach deserves a second chance. Maybe I only did it wrong. The original idea was, I design a shirt then print 50 pieces and that's it. No more re-prints. Then sell them while designing the next shirt. Because it took a while before I was able to sell at least 30 of the Moto-Industry shirts (probably because I didn't market it well enough or the appreciation of the design is limited to motorcycle riders), I became less confident about producing stocks for the second shirt design and the other designs that followed.

    I really don't know why I never though of this before, but with regards to stocks, I realize that I do not need to print 50 pieces of shirts for every design that I have. All I need is to print a complete size set of 12 or 15 pieces per design. Like two pieces of each size (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL). If I want a design to be available in two colors, then I print 30. I can print an entire set in a day. I can choose to do the printing 2 or 3 times a week to produce more stocks and replace those that got sold. After all, I do screen-print my own designs and that's an advantage that I should take advantage of haha!

    So now that I am ending my 9-month hiatus from printing, I'm gonna do a quick inventory of my blank tees and tank-tops and will start printing on all of them. Because it came to me that printed shirts have a better chance of being sold than blank shirts that are just kept in a big plastic box.

   It has been a year since I produced a new design. The last 3 shirts I designed was release June last year. I said that I will stop producing new designs for a  moment and concentrate on making stocks. But I think I'm gonna try to produce at least 6 new Buhay Bohemio shirts this year. So watch out for those! ^_^

Friday, August 5, 2016

Love Me Tender
A Cover by Yours Truly

    Hello again my dear readers! Here again is another product of my procrastination from work LOL!

    Actually the audio was recorded in 2013 and it's only now that I created a video for it. So yeah I'm lip syncing to my own voice hehe. The audio and video is imperfect. Well I certainly am no recording artist but I'd say this is better than the couple of songs I shared in 2012 which YouTube link I am so not going to share to you out of embarrassment haha! Watching them now made me realize how horrible they were hihi. Anyway, you know the saying that you don't have to be the best. You only need to be better than the person you were yesterday.

   What actually made this recording better was the Avid  Mbox music recording interface that my brother lent me. My younger brother Mark is a guitarista and I learned most of my guitar playing knowledge from him. He probably planned to do recordings too but gotten busy with work and raising a family hehe. Anyway, this awesome recording device, plus the Audacity app, made recording and audio mixing easy and fun. I did everything here. Each instrument was recorded separately - the ukulele, the keyboard (jazz organ, xylophone, and bass drum), the snapping and maracas, also the second and third voices. = P   I really I wish I can make more covers. So many songs, so little  time!

    Love Me Tender is a song by Elvis Presley recorder in 1956. Yup it's a 60 year old song that has been covered by many artists all over the world. One of my favorites is by Norah Jones.

   Well I do hope you enjoyed my version of Love Me Tender. Many thanks to my brother Mark, and my sister Jeth for the ukulele she gave me as a gift. Also my friend Dennis for the Adobe Premiere hehe!  ^ _ ^