Monday, June 12, 2017

A Day In Tanay, Rizal Province

      So yeah I went riding again the other weekend (June 4)  hehe. Gotta take every chance to ride out of town before the rainy season starts pouring in. Shah and I took our bikes up to Tanay, Province of Rizal, via Marcos High-way. This time with George (far back) who's also a Mga Independent Biker member. Also with us is Shah's big sister Jane (white helmet)  and her friends. So we're 8 riders with different motorcycle types and we called this trip the Chopsuey Ride lol!

      It feels so good to ride again to Tanay via MARILAQUE Highway  (a.k.a. Marcos Highway and Marikina-Infanta Highway). The twisties, steep roads, and mountainscapes made it a choice route to many motorcycle riders.

     We reached our destination, the Martessem Mountain Resort, around 8 AM. Typically, riders would meet up early in the morning and ride to places like these for breakfast, chit-chat, then ride back to Manila just in time for lunch with their families hehe.

    But Shah, George, and I -  we had something else in mind after that delightful breakfast in Martessem on that beautiful sunny day. We took our bikes over 5 kms further to Sitio Aguho Sampaloc in Tanay and checked out the