Monday, June 12, 2017

A Day In Tanay, Rizal Province

      So yeah I went riding again the other weekend (June 4)  hehe. Gotta take every chance to ride out of town before the rainy season starts pouring in. Shah and I took our bikes up to Tanay, Province of Rizal, via Marcos High-way. This time with George (far back) who's also a Mga Independent Biker member. Also with us is Shah's big sister Jane (white helmet)  and her friends. So we're 8 riders with different motorcycle types and we called this trip the Chopsuey Ride lol!

      It feels so good to ride again to Tanay via MARILAQUE Highway  (a.k.a. Marcos Highway and Marikina-Infanta Highway). The twisties, steep roads, and mountainscapes made it a choice route to many motorcycle riders.

     We reached our destination, the Martessem Mountain Resort, around 8 AM. Typically, riders would meet up early in the morning and ride to places like these for breakfast, chit-chat, then ride back to Manila just in time for lunch with their families hehe.

    But Shah, George, and I -  we had something else in mind after that delightful breakfast in Martessem on that beautiful sunny day. We took our bikes over 5 kms further to Sitio Aguho Sampaloc in Tanay and checked out the
Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia (Regina RICA).

          A 71-ft statue of the Queen of the Holy Rosary stands on top of a hill at Regina RICA. This pilgrimage site founded by Dominican nuns is also an ecological sanctuary and a wellness center. 

     It was around 10:30  AM when we got here and it was really hot! Good thing some clouds showed up to give temporary shade as we hiked to get a closer look at the statue. After taking pictures, we headed back to our bikes and took a little break, then back on the road again. But not to head home. There's another place in Rizal we wanted to see..

   Our next destination is even further - like over 8 kms away from Tanay.   We kinda took a wrong turn and ended up taking an unpaved road complete with rocks and big puddles hehe but it was actually fun. We felt like real off-road adventurers even if my bike's a cruiser and George's is a big scooter LOL!

     Yup we endured the rough roads under the smoldering heat of the sun to see these big pinwheels hehe. The Pililla Wind Farm  in Rizal has 27 wind turbine generators reaching a height of 125 meters when one blade is at a 90-degree angle. All these windmills generate 54 megawatts - that's enough to serve 66,000 households!

     If it weren't for Shah and George I would probably never get that close to the windmills. This was all their idea hehe. I'm just a tag-along rider who can never think about riding to that place. 
     Anyway, it was really nice up there. We were actually on top of a mountain ridge in the photo above. The windmills are facing west at that time, overlooking Laguna Lake and we can see Metro Manila on the other side. It's probably great to be there at sunset *siiighhh*

     Anyway, we left the place around 12:30 PM and we rode for an hour to get back to Tanay on another route. George led us to this popular restaurant there for lunch, Vista Barista, along Manila East Road. Food is good, I must say. We hung around in the resto until 4 PM.

     I'm guessing that this is somewhere in Taytay hehe. Fist-bumpin' before parting ways. Shah took the road to Ortigas while George and I took the C6 Road to get to the Southern part of the Metro. Arrived home in Alabang past 5 PM. Tired, sweaty, and very happy haha! ^_^

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