Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Making Of Hardin Bohemio

   Well hello again after almost 2 months hehe! It has been raining and I sure miss riding out of town. Last summer was awfully hot and now we seem to be having more rain in this year's wet season. So most of the days I'm just stuck at home.

  But that's okay because I'm pretty engrossed with my new home project that I call "Hardin Bohemio", as mentioned in my last post. I finally decided to make something of this 25 square meter roof deck that has been bare for decades!

   Sometimes when I take a break from working  in front of my PC, I step out of my room (aka Silid Bohemio), and walk around the roof deck to relax my eyes and get some fresh air. Nothing much to see out there but I thought that it would be nice to step outside to something like in this pic below that I found in Pinterest.
I can imagine myself doing my desk work in a place like this
while enjoying a cup of coffe and listening to music,

     So the decision to pursue this project came when I realized that I will probably grow old in this place (my parent's house) Haha! Also with the willingness to shell out money for this project. But with the help of this bonafide boho's  frugality, resourcefulness, and good taste (naks!), I trust that I will be able to beautify this space without spending more than hmmm... Php 40k.

   The very first structure built for Hardin Bohemio is this pergola made or 2" square tubes, some rope, and camouflage net. I bought the net from one of those army uniform and supply stores  in Quiapo. Four pieces of 2 x 4 meter nets at Php 900 each. Surely this kind of roofing will not last very long but it will do for the meantime. When they finally wear out I might replace them with bamboo slats or something. It has to be the kind that will still let rain get to the plants below it and also reduce the amount of sunlight. Because it gets really hot on cloudless days here and it seems that even hardy plants get scorched!

  Next built was this fence made of pallet wood. There's this 1.5 x 4 meter balcony that I enclosed and placed  a sink, a shower head, and a urinal. So this is my new outdoor laudry / bath area hehe. I've been bathing here already and it feels like I'm in a shower room of some remote beach resort haha! Well I'm sure glad that I don't have to go downstairs for a quick shower anymore.

   This isn't really part of the original plan but I decided to repaint some of the exterior walls and the metal window grills. I really hate this fake brick finish that was painted barn red. Now it has an uneven earth-tone color for a more natural look.

I started bringing upstairs some nice planters that are just lying around the house containing hideous dust-collecting plastic flowers haha. I also bought 3 big terracotta planters (20" diameter) to plant small trees in. I got them from a store along Daang Hari for only Php 500 each, while other stores are selling them at Php 800!

   What's really sweet is that my parents are supportive about this project. They started bringing plants upstairs. My mom loves plants and she planted a lot of them in the yards of our warehouse and small farmland in Cavite. So that really saves me a lot of money - I do not have to buy new plants to fill this garden. 

  There is still a lot to do! The shelves are waiting to be installed, I need to have a 12-seater table built, also some string of lights for the pergola, and I need to find cheap outdoor stools. When all of that is done the project will now proceed to Phase 2 haha! Because I'm not just building a garden. This is Hardin Bohemio so it must be artful and stylish! Bring in the garden decor, sculptures, chimes, lanterns, etcetera etcetera..!

   Haay.. Yeah, still a long way to go and it frustrates me that I can't have everything done in just one month. Had to wait for the next paycheck haha. If it takes a pot of patience to grow a plant, then it must take a dump truck of patience to build a garden!  ^_^