Thursday, November 15, 2018

Music To Listen To While On The Road

       Hello again! I have not shared a playlist in a while. Well, I have not blogged in a while too haha.
Anyways, I have this Spotify playlist that I have been enjoying while I'm on the road. It's a collection of songs associated with road travel. I created this playlist just this year and I'm amazed that I was able to find 49 songs that's perfect for the theme. That's over 3 hours of music. Long enough for those really long road trips.

     It's no surprise why there are so many songs written about road travel because life is very much like a highway that we drive on. Sometimes it's rough, sometimes it feels like you're in the fast lane. Sometimes you take a detour, sometimes you breakdown. Sometimes you just want to get away from something for a while... Yeah there are awfully a lot of feelings we can associate with road travel.

     This playlist is a mix of genres and eras. You'll find classic songs by The Beatles and Nat King Cole, also by contemporary artists like Naika, Krewella, Russ, Rihanna, and WizKid. I have some favorites here by Death Cab for Cutie,  Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift, and Goldroom just to name a few.

    Well I do hope you will love this playlist as much as I do and you'll play it on your next road trip to give you that extra happy feeling that makes you pretend you're in some music video haha.

    Ride / drive safely, okay?!  ^_^