Monday, December 31, 2018

The 2018 Year-End Blog Post

    Well another year is about to end in a few hours and here I am writing a year-end post for my not-so-active blog hehe. We're having quite a different New Year's Eve here in the Philippines. I remember celebrating some new years with a drizzle or an isolated rain shower but today oh we're just having downpours courtesy of the tropical depression Usman. It was even raining last Christmas Eve and the day before that. After a 3-day break it's back to wet weather again. So now it has been raining for 5 days now.

    And you know what that means for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) like me. Looks like I'll be greeting 2019 with the blues. Yeah I know I shouldn't be feeling this way but fuck this rain haha! It has spoiled some plans I have for my  3-week vacation. You see, when the Christmas orders from this client of mine were all done by December 15, I decided not to work until the year ends. I also decided not to do anything for my already neglected brand Buhay Bohemio. I don't wanna work and I don't wanna think about work, or think about how to get back on track with my brand. I just wanna relax for goodness sake.

   So after the pre-Christmas concerns I focused on Hardin Bohemio, my garden project that started in April 2018. It is almost complete and it kinda stressed me out because I hoped it will be all finished by Christmas Day. Sadly the rains kept me from doing garden work (well at least the plants are happily watered). When it's not raining I go out to buy garden stuff. I went to Cartimar last Thursday to check out the plants (but mainly to buy fish to re-populate my aquarium that has been fish-less for weeks), I also went to Cubao yesterday and checked out Farmer's Garden and I was glad to find a variety of plants at affordable prices. I bought some hanging plants there and got caught in the rain on my way home which is a complete hassle - carrying all those plants with one hand and an umbrella on the other...

   This year-end post seem to be more about Hardin Bohemio haha!  But this garden project is my only creative achievement for 2018, I guess. Well I did relaunch my Tees & Tanks this year in June with new designs and printed stocks after about a 2-year hiatus from retailing. I was able to sell a good number of pieces to previous customers who had been waiting for this come-back. But stubborn me, I still didn't do any marketing. Then after a couple of months, orders from my regular client (Customized Chic), that I supply graphics to, started to pile up because it was already the peak season, you know, the -ber months. So since August all the work I did was for Customized Chic (which I am grateful for) and my garden, Hardin Bohemio, while Buhay Bohemio Tees & Tanks got pushed aside again and that adds to my New Year blues. I feel that I owe a great amount of time and attention to what should be my primary enterprise. But why did I allow this to happen? Maybe I'll talk about it in another post because this post is getting really long hehe.

   Like what I said earlier, I know that I shouldn't be caught feeling this way as we step into the new year even with all these puddles. Did the holiday storm ruined some of your plans too? Well some people didn't plan to lose property and loved ones to the recent storm...  Even if 2018 is marked with sorrow, we must face 2019 remembering how we were blessed with the warm and sunny days of our lives and  how we are made strong to survive life's cold, dark and stormy days.

  So yeah, let us all allow ourselves have a happy new year!