Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Last Post for 2019
And Hopefully Not The Last Ever

       My my... Just look at this blog.  Imagine if websites can accumulate dust after being inactive or unvisited  for many months in a row  haha! It's embarrassing, to say the least, with only 3 posts since 2019 came stomping in. Why, I can even see my 2018 year-end post at the bottom of the blog page! I read it again, actually,  and I seem to have the same feelings now as I write this post. Another year is about to end in a few hours and by the looks of this blog it feels like nothing was ever achieved - no milestone, no ground was broken, nothing happened.

     Well here's a reality check: Things did happen. They may not be the big things that I hoped for but I'm glad they happened anyway. I guess I just didn't feel like sharing them here. Either because of sheer laziness or because I chose to lay in bed and rest my back after a day's work.

      But just to convince myself that my 2019 isn't so bad, here's a summary of the year's somewhat-relevant happenings.

     February, I went to see a classical performance at the Bamboo Organ Festival in Las Piñas for the first time. I think I'll do this again next year.

       Also in February I saw the ArtFair in Makati for the 4th time. Excited about next year's show.

     In March I visited Intramuros after a long while. I'll come back to see the museums I didn't visit.

      Also in March I enjoyed an overnight beach trip in Lemery, Batangas with my folks - something we haven't done in a long while.

     April, another trip to Puerto Galera with friends. Two of my friends in this pic went abroad, though. Looks like Joey and I will have to tag other friends along next year.

     In May, my ride buddies and I rode to Lucban, Quezon for the annual Pahiyas Festival. This was my 2nd Pahiyas since 2017. Hoping to visit again next year. I just love the happy vibe of everything in there.

    Also in May I printed nearly a hundred shirts of varied designs. I think this will be the last time I'll print shirts for a re-seller. It's just not working for me anymore. Maybe I'll write about this and what will become of Buhay Bohemio shirts in another post.

    Early in June I get to enjoy the beach again with my ride buddies in Calatagan, Batangas. It was my 4th time here. Seems like the perfect beach campsite for us and I'm glad we got to do this again before the rainy season started to pour in.

    The rest of June until September, I spent an awful lot of time and energy rehabilitating my garden. It became crowded and cluttered.
    My mom, she has the greenest of thumbs. But she really doesn't know how to plan a garden. So you will find many of a single pot containing 3 to 4 different plants competing for soil and light; also so many pots containing the same kind of plant that she propagated from a parent plant; and a whole lot of other garden no-no's.
   I've been re-potting and rearranging plans for months by myself and I was beginning to question why I started this project in the first place haha! But everything's in order now. Will take nice pics and post them here soon.

     Early in October I'm glad I got the chance to go someplace new and I think this is my most memorable trip of the year. I went to Tingloy, Maricaban Island (Batangas) and met a friend who showed me around Masasa Beach. It was a much needed  break after that back-breaking garden work.
I'd really love to go back to that beautiful island next year.

    The rest of October until early December was all graphics. More image files for the monogrammed / personalized  products of Customized Chic. It was their peak season. They have a new product line that just came out this year - printed fabric items like robes, hooded jackets, bags, pillows, table runners, etc... They're quite tedious to make compared to the plexiglass items they started with.
    Been doing this stuff for maybe 5 years now. I'd be lying if I say I have not grown weary of doing this. I'd also be lying if I said I never needed this job. It is, after all, a source of income - a side-job. But the thing is, the side-job became the bread-and-butter. This is the result of my failure to make my brand Buhay Bohemio a thriving business. I failed to make it my No. 1 priority. Now 8 years after I started to make and sell shirts, here I am working on somebody else's products when I should be working on what is my own.
    These thought have been going through my head as I struggled to complete the last orders of 2019. Feeling burned-out and lost, I fell into a spell of depression. But I pulled myself together as I always do. I had to - I still have some shopping to do. I don't want my folks to think that I'm using depression as an excuse for not getting them gifts haha!

     Third week of December, clearly 2019 wasn't done with me yet. I caught the flu. I endured a week of sore throat while I feel my body fighting this shit for days. I thought if I go riding to Manila to check out the newly refurbished Jones Bridge with my ride buddies will make me feel better. Ah but no. Ended up with a lot of sneezing, a runny nose and aching sinuses. Well at least the cough didn't push through thanks to the syrup I took in advance hehe. I'm feeling better now, btw.

    I've been seeing memes on Facebook saying that 2019 has been hard on all of us. Feels true? We know it's true. We've seen people who had been hit harder even on Christmas Eve!  Sad news here, bad news there - it's easy to feel despairing and discouraged. But it's completely okay to let ourselves experience and appropriately express these emotions for our own well being...  Am I beginning to sound like a shrink? Hehe well, I'm not even a life coach or a fortune teller to give  you the best advice. Who knows what 2020 may bring? All I can say is just welcome the good stuff and accept the bad stuff (that you didn't see coming haha) but never allow negative feelings take over. Happiness happens - so simply ALLOW it to happen.

 So yeah, like I said last year, let us allow ourselves to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^_^

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  1. Continue blogging. This is something to look back when we get old. Just wondering if you also have a YouTube channel.