Sunday, October 11, 2020

El Bohemio y La Pandemia

     I was looking at my blog and and I feel like a store owner visiting his shop that has been closed down since the quarantine, checking if all his stuff is still in there hehe! Oh but this blog has been "closed" since the start of the year. Let's just say that the owner wasn't motivated enough to fill his shop new goods. 

   Why wouldn't I feel un-inspired? Well I'm pretty sure a lot of people share the same  sentiments. I mean, we all hoped that 2020 would be a better year - a blast of good things, because 2019 seem to had been a tough one. But instead, 12 days after New Year, a volcano did an earth-shaking blast, as if it heralded the coming of difficult times. True enough, not so pretty news continue to flow down on us like lava, both here and overseas. You hear about sudden deaths and they remind you of the shortness of life. You hear about natural disasters and they remind you of the end times. Those reminders makes you wanna go out and seize the day. But you can't go out like you used to. Covid-19 says go seize the day in the confines of your home. (Lucky for you if it's spacious and has a yard).

  Turn a spare motorcycle helmet visor                                       into an anti-covid  face shield.

    So how am I? Well I'd like to think I'm okay. I've been surviving, you know. I survived the Community Quarantine with all its enhancements and modifications (ECQ, MGCQ, GCQ, and MECQ). As well as the negative vibes brought about by government blunders, the people's disobedience, the whining and  criticisms about them all on social media; I survived the paranoia, the boredom, the loneliness, and the temptation of  buying things online that  I really don't need; I survived the heat of the Summer and the anxiety of not being able to go to the beach; I survived the days of continuous rain that added gloom and extra hassle to the already sad situation... It has been more than 6 months now and this pandemic is expected to last at least 2 years and that doesn't sound okay at all.

   But yeah I'd like to think I'm okay. I've been working at home and from home since 2011 and I've gotten used to spending entire days in this old house in the middle of a quiet suburban neighborhood. I'm fortunate to still have a source of income amid this global crisis where people lose their jobs as  companies downsize or close down. The job orders I get aren't as many as before but thanks to my consequentially minimal obligations and the frugality brought about by my bohemianism, I still get to buy stuff to keep me on my feet.

   I know that the time during this overextended quarantine could have been used to make more products for my brand Buhay Bohemio. Ah but no, I didn't make new designs of printed shirts; I didn't jump into the bandwagon of designers making stylish facemask or PPEs; I didn't try to start a vlog with the hopes of making big money as a YouTuber; No, I didn't try to think of some food that I can prepare and sell to make extra money.  I guess I really can't explain enough how unmotivated I am haha! 

    Yet sometimes I find myself doing small creative things. I still look at art and design and I keep my eyes open for new ideas. I guess you really can't take that away from a creative. So I did some of those crafts that I've been meaning to make (but always gets set aside for work that pay the bills). There's a bit of extra time for these personal projects now. They won't fill the pockets but they somehow fill my mind with calmness and my heart with sparks of contentment. 

                        Making a beaded suncatcher.

     We do need to be in this kind of mental and emotional state for a better perspective of things, you know, for us to find our bearings in what will be the new normal for the rest of the year (and the next, and hopefully not after that anymore). And just maybe those little sparks brought by continuously doing what you love could start a fire of enthusiasm within you and burn away fear, anxiety, and pessimism. Maybe you can make art from the ashes, I dunno haha! Just keep being creative no matter what! Let faith and your God-given talents get you by. Let creativity save the day. ^_^

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