Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Thinking of Tingloy

   Pictures of my trip to Tingloy have been surfacing on my FB Memories. Yeah it was in this same month last year. 
    I realized I didn't write about it in this blog. Probably because I got busy with graphic work that usually piles up during the last quarter of the year. 
Well...  look who's got plenty of time now haha!

   Looking back at the pictures just makes me miss what I believe is one of the happiest beach vacations of my life haha! Looking at them also frustrates me. Not being able to go to the beach is just one of the saddest things about 2020. 

    Well, we're just over 2 months from 2021. Maybe we can finally get a dose of vitamin sea this summer, yes?

Boat ride from Talaga Port.
Arrival at Tingloy Port.

          So, let me tell you more about Tingloy. It is a municipality in the island of Marikaban in Batangas. You get there from ports in Mabini (Anilao Port or Talaga Port). Tingloy is known for Masasa Beach with her light beige sand and crystal blue waters... under which sea turtles are usually seen snooping around for food.

Tricycle ride to the other side of the island.
First glimpse of the South coast.

   Tingloy Port is at the North side of the island while Masasa beach is at South. So to get there you take a  2.5 km bumpy uphill and downhill tricycle ride. 

    The coastal town of San Jose, where Masasa Beach is located, is actually underdeveloped and that contributes to its unspoilt charm. Electricity is only available in the daytime. There are no noisy bars and restaurants or souvenir shops. Just sari-sari stores. Not even a carinderia. Transient houses are mostly huts or cottages and it's rare that you will find an air-conditioned room. If these details takes you aback well Masasa isn't for you haha! Go to Puerto Galera or Boracay instead. Tingloy is perfect for those who like to commune with nature and momentarily enjoy the rural life.

    I stayed at the Lagoon Bay transient house where you can sleep in one of their camping tents for only Php 300 a night. Their nice little service boat took me there real quick. It is a kilometer away from Masasa Beach but still along the coast. The shoreline in this area is rocky and it has it's own appeal. This is where u can go pick up shells and coral fragments for souvenir.

  But really I didn't mind walking a kilometer to get to Masasa Beach because of the scenic seaside views and interesting rock formations I saw along the way. 

   I made a new friend here at Tingloy. I thought he's one of the locals. But Ronald came all the way from Bulacan and it's his second time here. He was like my tour guide for a day hehe.

   So here are some pictures I took on our way to Masasa Beach:

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is Masasa Beach:

    Well it looks like an ordinary beach. Only without the noise, the bars and shops, the crowds, the floating  playgrounds and jet skis. Just a vast sandy area, endless clear blue waters, and a worry-free you hehe. I think I need to be in such ordinary beaches more.
    So Ron and I just enjoyed the splashing waves until sunset. You probably would too. But my advise is bring a flashlight with you because when it gets dark it's really dark. No lamp posts haha! The light from my iPad Mini was enough to see our way back to our lodging. Did I mention that it's a kilometer away? Haha!


    The following morning was also a beautiful day with blue skies that's perfect for island hopping. The transient house Lagoon Bay also offers this activity for only Php 1,500 (maximum of 4 people in their little boat) Luckily two other guests agreed to join Ron and I on the boat. So we each only have to pay Php 375 for that fun experience of island hopping, fish feeding (snorkeling masks and life vests provided), and... well I'm not sure what this is called but you get to hold on to the boat's outriggers while you are slowly being dragged across the water (with safety fastenings of course), so you can more enjoy watching life in the coral reefs below. I saw 4 sea turtles that day!

    Part of the island hopping adventure is a visit to the caves and rock formations at Caban Island, located at the Western tip of Marikaban. Really an awesome place. Too bad I don't have that many pictures of that area to show a bigger view. I was too busy with my selfies haha! 

    Well that's about all that I can share about my Tingloy adventure last year in October. We left the island past noon  and this was my sad face as our boat was taking us to  where we can ride a tricycle back to Tingloy Port. I'll come back next year, I said. But 2020 just isn't not the year. Covid19 is still around and we're even having a stormy October  this year. *sigh*

     As for Ron, well we became Facebook friends and follow each other on Instagram. We chat to catch up every once in a while. He even visited me at home once, early this year. Really nice of him. Maybe we can go back to Tingloy in the Summer of 2021 with my moto-camper friends? Well let's see...

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