Monday, March 3, 2014

The Monsignor Painting Project

     One of the portraits I enjoyed making  is this one of a cardinal. Well he's not really a cardinal. Kelvin is just wearing a costume here. When he visited the Philippines last year with my client, they went to Batangas and availed the heritage tour at Villa Tortuga in Taal, that includes a photography session where you get to wear Spanish colonial costumes. Instead of a gentleman's barong or a Franciscan friar's robe, or a Spanish general's uniform,  he wore a cardinal's black garment that pretty much suits him. 

      The artwork was printed on a 25" x 30" sized canvas. The print was sent to Qatar and was nicely framed there. Thanks again Kokoy!

     Hover the mouse cursor on the image to see the original photo. Click for a closer look of the artwork.

      The reason why I enjoyed making this portrait is because I always have a fascination for 19th Century and older portraiture. One of my dreams, actually, is to create a studio that specializes in making antique style digital portrait paintings. And for that I will need a lot of  olden time European and Asian costumes!

      Well for the meantime, I could only wish for more portrait projects of this style. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Duplicating an Existing
Portrait Painting

One of the digital painting projects of last month is of this couple which is copy of a real oil painting from the 70's. I can tell by the man's collar hehe. A watermark at the lower right of painting says Mermaid Art, Manila. Probably a portraiture company of the time. 

Anyway, my client wanted a smaller copy of the original painting  (of her in-laws). So she took a picture of the portrait with her smart phone and sent it to me. (Hover your mouse cursor on the image above to see the original painting.)

Though the source image is already a painting I still added brushstrokes and canvas texture, and enhanced the color as well. Oh and I also gave the mister more hair and made him smile a bit hehe. Thanks to today's imaging technology, old portraits, be it a photo or painting, can be duplicated, re-sized  with a chance for improvement.

So is there a portrait you want copied and enhanced? Contact me! ^_^

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Couple of Couple Portraits

It has been a while since I last shared some digital portrait paintings that I've done. I only had one portrait project last December and had just recently completed 4 this February. I recall doing a lot of portraits in the holiday of 2012. Shirt printing is mostly what I did in the holiday of 2011 and 2014.

The new projects were commissioned to me by previous clients, who are actually 2 of my best clients. No new clients lately and this is due to the disappearance of my ad in Sulit. Strangely I didn't receive from the admin the usual heads-up to renew my ad. I really must create a website specially for this business, apart from this blog. One that my ads in Sulit and Facebook will lead to.

Anyway, here are a couple of couple portraits. Hover your mouse cursor on the image to see the original photo. Click on it to see a closer look of the artwork. Cool huh? It's a little html trick that I've recently learned to do hehe.

This is a gift to Michael and Eden who just got married last December. It's a 12" x 15" stretched canvas print.

This 16" x 20" stretched canvas print is a gift to Hanz and Jane. They might have gotten married last year also.

Okay, so watch out for the other recent works among the succeeding posts. ^_^

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Here are two digital portraits I've had printed last week. Again from one of my best clients (the lady wearing the gold lace dress in the portrait below). These portraits took a while to finalize. I started working on it in the first week of August. Yeah, the portraits went through a series of revisions, like background changes, removing this, reducing that, replacing a face with one from another photo, etc.,  and my client was quite patient about waiting for the desired outcome. Of course I'd like my clients  to be happy with my work and I tell them they can make as many revisions as they like on the soft copy.

They are printed on canvas to a specific size, around 20" x 24", to fit  antique frames. She got a nice oval frame for the solo portrait of her mom.

So if you want quality painting-like portraits that are made real affordable, contact me! ^_^

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My First Digital Seascape Painting

Yup this is my very first non-portrait digital painting commissioned to me by one of my best clients. It is also my second large print. The artwork is 48" x 36" printed on canvas. Click on the photo above for a closer look.

This is the source pic. That's a part of Manila Bay taken with a smart phone. She wanted to hang a framed artwork in a hall in her home and I am quite grateful that she chose to have a digital painting. She could easily just shop for a real painting done by another obscure artist. But I guess she prefers the advantage of digital paintings - imagine having an artwork that was drawn from a photo you took, of a place you've been to and had a great time, done quick and affordable!

Now this is the machine that produced the large print. I wish I have one of my own! What an advantage that would be.

A close up of the digital painting. The advantage of large prints is that the brush strokes can be made large enough to be appreciated. I used a 3D effect on this artwork, giving it an illusion of rich texture.

Sooo! Do you want to have customized artwork hanging on your wall done really quick, in good quality and taste? Send me a message.  ^_^

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Portraits Done in July

Another month has passed by so quickly. I thought July would be a slack month but it instead left me with projects that are on going and on queue. There are tank-tops to print, a brochure to finalize, and a portrait to work on. Yeah I'm busy and that is good, right?

Anyway here are portraits I made this month:

This is a gift of my client to her fiend, mommy Audrey. She ordered just a digital file. The 1100 x 14000 pixel image is only Php 300. With a digital file recipient has the option  to have it printed in the nearest photo center and have it framed; or she could just share it on Facebook hehe.

This is the original photo. Spot the difference hehe.  It is only about 800 x 500 pixels but still workable. Would have been better if the photo didn't use flash. It's kinda frustrating that the gift giver of course can only choose from what is posted in her friend's Facebook.

This is also a gift of one of my best clients to a friend or a relative maybe. She had it printed on a size 12" x 15" canvas, unstretched, and sent it to the States. A canvas print of this size is only Php 1,300. Unstretched canvas prints are best if you need to send or bring it abroad.

The original photo is perfect - large file size, natural lighting, beautiful background. I didn't need to change anything but to apply the brush strokes.

This is a wedding gift ( yeah they are all gifts ) of another client to her friend Jenny who just got married last Friday. This was printed on canvas and stretched to a finish size of 12" x 15".  A stretched canvas print of this size is only Php 2,000.

The original photo was from their prenup shots that my client grabbed from Jenny's Facebook ( where else? hehe ). I made a few changes. In the source photo they're sitting on just grass and the balloons are in one color.

If you want some portraits done just contact me. ^_^

See more portraits at

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Here's a recent portrait project. A client's wedding gift to her sister who just got married last year.

The artwork is printed on art canvas that is stretched to a finished size of 12" x 14". This is actually the first time I get to photograph a stretched canvas print. I usually send out the prints as soon as I get them from the printing shop.

The original photo is from the prenup shots. It would have been great if  the guy's entire body is in the frame. Thanks to Photoshop any missing parts can be recreated and any part can be repositioned. I had to crop the photo into a tighter frame though, for more focus on the smooching couple. ^_^

Want to have a photo turned into art? Click here.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Here are two recent digital portrait projects for my client who also bought one of my fabric bags. ^_^ Thank you Rina!

These portraits are printed on a size 11" x 14" matte photo paper. She'll  have them framed and place them in the rooms of her pamangkins. 

I used a watercolor effect on Patrick's portrait. His facial expression, a bit startled, actually adds personality to the artwork.

Rio's photo was a close-up shot and I felt that a contemporary style of painting, with color abstractions and texture, will add more interest to a tightly framed image showing only the face.

Want portraits in these styles? click here.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Here's a recent portrait project. A graduation gift of my client to her niece Erica. It was printed on a 16" x 20" sheet of art canvas.

Like for most of the digital portraits I've made, the source picture of this artwork was just grabbed from Facebook. Fortunately the picture is large enough (about 600 x 800 pixels) to give a clear detail of the face.

And of course because it's digital, a photo taken anytime and anywhere with a smart phone can be modified to look as if the subject actually posed for a painting.

See more of my digital paintings here.

Want a portrait done fast? Click here.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Portraits for Two Daughters

I hoped to be commissioned for contemporary style portraits and last month I got this project. They are for my client's two daughters and they are styled to compliment the interior of their bedrooms.

For Ysabella, a 4-piece set of 20"x20" canvas prints. Her room has a motif of black and white with accents of magenta, turquoise, purple and apple green. On her pop art style portrait I used halftone dots, different black and white patterns, and used real paint on the accent colors.

For Ylisse, a large canvas print of 45"x 35" and this is so far the largest artwork I've done for a portrait. Her room has a nice  world travel theme.

The project started mid February and I've just delivered everything last Saturday (23rd March). The artworks of course went through a series of revisions and approvals. And I had trouble with the discrepancy between the actual print and the file (as seen through a monitor). Usually the differences are tolerable but in this project, by its style, the discrepancy was too conspicuous. Like Ylisse's artwork came out too saturated on the first print which doesn't compliment the sedate colors of her room. With Ysabella's, one panel was printed first for approval and when the other 3 panels were printed their grays came out with a bluish tint.

Printing shops of course would just print whatever file you give them and are not really concerned with the difference between how an image file looks on their monitor and yours. So I had to pay for scaled down test prints and the final reprints. The cost to have these corrections done ate up some of the profit hehe. But I did learn a lot from this project. Now I know what to do to get prints that will be close to the desired colors. ^_^

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here's another digital portrait I made of a bohemian girl named Elyne. The original photo by Von Jover. Concept photos really make nice digital paintings and I really took pleasure in making this one. The texture of the brush strokes gives a picture an imaginative feel.

If you want to turn your concept photos into a printable digital painting, click here.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Here's a new self portrait inspired by the iPhone and iPad app known as iMadeFace. I didn't use the app to make this hehe. I made this in CorelDraw and added the grungy effect on PhotoShop.

The style reminds me of artist Julian Opie (who did the CD album cover of the Best of Blur), also of old school comics and simple Asian cartoon illustrations (Hello Kitty, Pucca and Garu, etc.)

If you want to have a portrait in this style click here. See other styles here. ^_^

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just experimenting on a contemporary style portrait... What do you think? I'd really love to do non-traditional styles for my clients too. 

If you want a digital portrait just like this, click here.

A Portrait of an Egyptian

His name is Hesham. This portrait was printed on canvas, overlaid with real acrylic and was flown in a documents tube to Doha, Qatar (where he is based) and then was stretched and framed there.

I'm really glad my artworks can go as far as the Middle East hehe.

If you want to a digital portrait painting just like this or would like to see more of my work click here.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Trying Out Caricature

Originally, my client intended to have a portrait done for their boss, who's leaving their team this month, and they would like to give it as a farewell gift. But instead, they decided to give their boss a caricature of their  team of 7 people, doing the Gangnam Style dance.

What do you think? This is actually my first caricature work. I'm not really a fan of this style of portraiture but I admit it's quite entertaining to look at those exaggerated facial features of famous personalities done by known caricature artist such as Sebastian Kruger and David Levine. 
Caricature is meant to make the subject look funny but the thing is not everybody wants to look funny. So the typical caricature portrait you'll find simply illustrates a person having an enormous head, minus all the other distortions. This is to be safe, I suppose. I mean, a gift-giver doesn't want to end up offending the recipient, right? Hehe.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Discovering a New Painting Effect

In the height of making digital portrait paintings, I was  able to discover how to produce, digitally, a more 3-dimensional effect. One of the software I'm using amazingly create brush strokes that has highlights and shadows - giving the effect of thick oil paint. Another effect is that light colors seem to be placed above dark colors, giving the image a kind of depth that is distinctive of oil paintings. 

However this technique is best appreciated when printed on photo-paper, compared to canvas. On photo-paper you see the image exactly as how you see it on screen. But on canvas, the texture of the material kinda blurs out the 3-dimensional effect. I guess when printing on canvas, the image needs to be sharpen a bit with the use of  filters.

My Holiday 2012 Projects
Part 3

And again, more  portraits. This time, of my 2 siblings with their families. While I'm at making portraits, I decided to give them framed prints for Christmas as well.

My younger brother Mark, his wife Erl and their daughter Kelsea.

My older sister Jeth, his husband Jigger and their daughter Amelie.

My Holiday 2012 Projects
Part 2

Yeah, more and more portraits. All these 16 portraits are from just one client. Some are digital file orders, the rest are unstretched canvas prints that were given as gifts to relatives visiting from abroad. The first batch was done in mid December and the last batch was completed in the first week of January. Whew!

These artworks sure made an addition to my portfolio of family, couples and children. Click on the image for  a closer look.

My Holiday 2012 Projects
Part 1

Finally I got the change to get back to my blog. I've never been this busy in the holidays before. In 2011, my December projects were all customized shirts. The recent holiday, on the other hand, was mostly spent on making digital portraits. I made a total of 36 artworks. 

The first project came late in November. My very first client commissioned me to make portraits for his nieces and nephews, which will be given as his Christmas gift to them. They are 15 and the portraits are done in a single style.

This is one of the "ink wash" portraits which was printed on photo-paper, sized 11"x14". Making these portraits was easy because the original images are in high resolution. The photos are taken last year by Jayd Ramos, a mutual friend my client.

I actually placed the pints in the frames myself. I know that it sounds like an easy task but it really is something that must be done carefully. I had to wear gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints on the back side of the glass and smudge stains on the white matting. Also there shouldn't be any speck of dust or anything inside the frame before you seal it. I really learned a lot about the do's and don'ts about framing prints in this project.

My client is actually living in the Middle East so he had his brother Don (also a friend of mine) to hand the portraits to their "pamangkins". This photo was taken during the family reunion last month. Love it!

Three additional portraits in the same style were requested, this time of my client's friends and partner in Qatar. He also had a large canvas print made for another friend, which is overlaid with acrylic paint. I'll post a picture of that painting soon. ^_^

Thursday, September 27, 2012

This portrait is of my long-time friend Don TriviƱo. He's the blogger behind BonggaBa.Com, a food, travel and lifestyle blog. He also has a photo blog: DonTrivino.Com. Check 'em out!

Don wanted a portrait reminiscent of 19th Century paintings. He had himself photographed specially for this project. The original photo was taken by a common friend, Jayd, a professional photographer, the man behind JaydProductions.