Saturday, March 26, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
2nd Step Test

Did the second step wedge test tonight. And here's the result: Areas exposed for 4 mins 20 secs and below have washed out edges. Areas exposed for 4 min 40 secs, up to 7 minutes are all good with sharp edges and corners with no discernible physical differences between the various exposure lengths. I would assume that washing the unwanted parts of the 7-minute area took a little more time than the rest of the areas.

So 5 to 7 minutes of exposure give good results. I think 6 minutes is safe. 5 minutes might not be enough to burn very small intricate details. And washing unwanted parts of such details might be difficult if exposed for 7 minutes.
So that's it - 6 minutes will be my exposure time. If you would recall, I burned the same type of emulsion (March 19) for 6 minutes and it was over exposed. I guess it was because the film positive I used was a print-out on plain white paper. Well, no more paper for me.

Finally I can enjoy the weekend. I'll burn the Pinoy Blogger label cloud design on Monday. ^_^

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