Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Friend Brings an Opportunity

I had a phone call from a long time friend of mine. I've met Raul in college. We both took up architecture and after we graduated he pursued a career in interior design. He's currently doing a project way far out of town and he called me up because he's a bit bored there Mindoro.

I told him that I finally left the family business, and again as he always does, tried to convince me to go back to the building industry and work with him. He always believed in my potential in interior design but I have always been reluctant to take another shot. Maybe I'll write about it someday.

Anyway I told him that I intend to start my own business and I'm trying out screen printing. He paused for a second and said he'd like to start his own business too. "Why not start a business together?'', he asked with an enthusiastic tone. "What business?" I asked. Then he came up with an idea.

Raul has been designing interiors for many high-end recreational establishments (i. e., KTVs, spas, casinos, bars). He recommends all the artwork and accents that will decorate a space. Any item he suggest, more often than not, gets approved by his clients. And me, on the other hand, has experience designing decors for exporting companies. I've done items made of wood, glass, wrought iron, resin, ceramic, and indigenous materials. So he proposed that we, as partners, design the decors that will be used on his ongoing projects and have them manufactured by sub-contractors.

Sounds like a good idea. We're gonna talk about this more soon when he comes back to Manila.


  1. any news about this business 'partnership? im also an architecture graduate and stock here in a company.I am planning to go out of my comfort zone and explore the infinite world of art.Please advice

  2. Hi Kimpoyski. This blog post was made 5 years ago. Even if this business opportunity did not materialize, many doors opened for me and my friend in the past 5 years.
    Raul is now working on interiors and decor for a soon-to-open hotel. My shirt business pushed through and I'm now upgrading with a more production-friendly type of inks. In fact shirt orders for a hotel in El Nido are waiting and this project can pave the way to having a souvenir shop there.
    Opportunities are everywhere. Friends, relatives, former co-workers, and even strangers bring them to you and you must be keen to spot them. You must be brave to seize them.
    Trust your experience and your talents. Learn new things. They are all outside your comfort zone!