Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is my second day of being a bum. Woke up a bit late than usual. Mom doesn't wake me up for me to get ready for work anymore (yup I still live with my parents) but she still prepared breakfast for me and my lunch was waiting in the fridge ready for microwave. It was 10 AM and I was all alone at home.

I sat for a moment to think about what to do today. I thought of my plans, the creative endeavors that I hope someday would be my bread n' butter. Among many things, I've been vacillating between two - shirt printing and digital photography. There is a lot to consider. Which is easier? Which is more expensive to start? Which has a bigger market?

Then I realized I was sitting on the couch for almost an hour procrastinating.

Still undecided. But I wanted to be productive today. So I took a pack of threads that I bought months ago at Daiso ( 28 colors on spools and bobbins for P88 ) and with Mom's old Singer sewing machine I altered almost all of my shirts to fit me perfectly. Took me the entire day. ^_^

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