Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Buying the Shirts

It was another trip to Quezon City and Manila today with my friends Fitz, Don and Cesar. We bought 75 plain round-necked shirts in 3 colors for the Pinoy Blogger design. We got white, cashmere gray, and light blue from our chosen supplier (we decided to do the design in black ink on light colored shirts - it's cheaper). Actually the shirt stores along Juan Luna Avenue usually carry common brands of shirts like Whistler, Softext, and Crown, to name a few. These brands seem to have the same palette of colors (27 hues) and the difference in price is just a peso or two.

We bought Softext shirts except for the whites. Their fabric is not thick enough to produce a very opaque white. So we searched the busy avenue for another brand. Fitz found this brand, Winner, and it's a real winner because not only does it have better whites - the brand has more available colors (32 hues). But the price is P10 more than the common brands. So I guess we'll order this brand for whites and colors that are not available from the common brands.

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