Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Screenprinting Start-up :
The Thrifty Way
To Learn Screen Printing

So if you are totally clueless about screen printing, here's a tipid way to learn:

  1. Watch a video tutorial on youtube. Find one that tells you all the required materials and equipment, and explains the entire process of screen printing. A synopsis video would do. I recommend the one by Catspit Productions. Make a list of the materials and equipment that you will need and watch separate videos about these materials. (i.e., how to stretch a screen on a wood frame).
  2. Buy materials such as emulsion, scoop coater, screen mesh, and ink from a store that specializes on screen printing products. They can answer most of your questions regarding their products. If you buy from National Bookstore, don't expect that the saleslady can recommend the right mesh number for your design. I suggest that you buy from TULCO, located along Aurora Blvd (across SM Sta. Mesa). The sales personnel are helpful. Some labels on their product containers include short instructions. You will also discover useful inexpensive tools that they sell there.
  3. For bigger equipment, like a printing table and a light box, of course you don't have to buy those professional types just like what you've seen on youtube or brochures (at least, not just yet). After all you are just trying out this process. You can improvise. Search the web on how to make your own equipment. Understand its function and you will be able to devise a printing board with wood and hinges. You can even make a light box out of a glass top coffee table with some light bulbs and a thick piece of fabric. Remember to do a step test on your improvised light box so you will not make wasteful errors about the correct exposure time.
  4. If don't want to improvise or spend for professional equipment, contact any of those who offer tutorial packages that include these equipment. Since you already know the process by this time, just buy the equipment without the added cost of the tutorial and the smaller materials.
  5. For tips and special techniques, search for them on the web. youtube and If you wish, you can have a tutorial about advanced screen printing from TULCO for only P500. Contact them and ask for their next schedule.

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