Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's June Too Soon

Does time fly quickly or crawl slowly? Should I say, "it has only been three months" or "it has been three months already"? If I feel that time passes at a fast clip, maybe it's because I've been moving slowly.
I've printed only 14 shirts last month. Those are the "Glamma Momma" shirts that Erlaine sold on Mother's Day. I've designed 4 more shirts by her request. They are all for moms with words like "certified mompreneur", "dads rock but moms rule", a vintage styled "moms know best" and a breast-feeding advocacy shirt that says "I love BF". I think it's a good idea to create a line of shirts for women with designs that lets them express their pride for being mothers.

No blogger shirts produced last month, though there are 3 new designs waiting in line. The development of the online store was put on hold for a moment because Fitz went touring. Anyway, he's back and he's gonna work on it again. We're launching the online store this month. When the store gets fully operational, we'll produce new designs every 3 weeks.

I've already made the stencils of the first two designs of my own line of shirts. They've been sitting on the floor for a week and it's only yesterday that I bought the plain shirts. This afternoon I've printed, on 25 shirts, a design I call the Moto-Industry Shirt. It's a print of 35 logos of popular brands in the motorcycle industry. That also include brands of helmets, racing apparel, fuel, parts, tires, etc. I'll post a pic soon.

These shirts should have been done a couple of weeks ago. I should be selling them by now. I could give valid reasons for the delay, like the bad weather that postponed the purchase of the shirts, or the repairing of a stencil (some portions are not burned properly so I had to carefully repeat the process on the bad areas). I'll understand a delay of two days, but two weeks? Have I been lax? These questions made me list down all the things I did in May - I've done purchasing trips, fabricated more pallets, printed and designed shirts, made stencils, blogged, went to a biker event, watched a movie, went on a date, had a quick dip in a nearby resort, lunched out with family...I can see that I was very much preoccupied last month but I think I need to manage my time better.

Another thing I did last month was the cleaning of our garage. I've decided to clear it up so I can set up a studio there and start my digital portraiture business. It's the only place in the house that's available, since the owners of the cars (my siblings) that used to park there have moved out. That's where I do my shirt printing, if you would recall.

The task wasn't easy. I had to move six crates of my brother's dusty and greasy junk (old car parts that has been sitting there for 4 years) to the back of the house with the rest of the other junk. And I'm not done yet - I still have to scrub the walls and I also have to devise a temporary covering on the iron grill gate for privacy.

Anyways, here's another month. I hope to accomplish more...

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