Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Tattoo Design for a Friend

A friend of mine, Levi, commissioned me to design a tattoo for him. I'll just show some details here and post the entire design when it's already on his skin hehe.

Levi is a surfer, a motorcycle rider and a capoeira practitioner. He wanted a tattoo, that will be placed on his right shoulder blade area, with elements that represent his sport interests. Among the surfing waves is a Japanese dragon, a symbol of prosperity, postured to resemble the infinity symbol. Within the dragon head loop is a sports biker doing a wheelie and in the tail loop is a modified ying-yang which was taken from his capoeira group.

I actually enjoyed designing this tattoo. Maybe I could build a career in tattoo design hehe. Well, just designing - I think my eye-and-hand coordination is not good enough for the no-mistake requirements of tattooing were there's no erasing when once you put ink into the skin.

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