Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Blogger Shirt Designs

It's just now that I remembered to post the new Blogger Shirts design for this month. I've been really preoccupied with a lot of stuff. Anyways, the 6th design is also our first design exclusive for women - for mom bloggers to be exact. For a start we came up with this simple design. There are a lot of mom bloggers out there each writing about different topics aside from family, parenting and housekeeping. Some are new moms writing about raising their first baby, and some are experienced moms blogging about beauty, for example, while raising her growing-up kids. Some are just stay-at-home moms while others have office jobs. So we rather not design for a specific type of mom blogger just yet.

We also have another design that came out this month, our 7th design that is also our first "customizable" shirt. The concept was suggested by a blogger friend of Fitz, my business partner. PR means Page Rank. The higher a website's page rank is, the higher the chance of it appearing in Google search results. Page rank is from 0 to 10. An authority website such as facebook is a 10. A blog, depending on its age, uniqueness of content, number of visitors and frequency of post, could reach a page rank as high as 6 and people who wanted their blogs to become popular are conscious about its PR.

All ranks are available in our PR shirts. We designed it in a way that printing all the different ranks will use only one stencil. ^_^

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