Sunday, September 4, 2011

Had my dreads retouched yesterday. It has been 7 months since I last had them maintained by my loctician at PinoyDreadman Salon. Finally all those loose strands of hair, that I kept hidden under a bandana, are all tucked in their respective locks.

I first had my hair dreaded in March, 2010. Starting with just 19 locks that are 15 inches long, and with my sides clipped - looking like a Mohican with dreads. January this year, I had them re-done with better sectioning so that gave me 24 locks. I waited for my side hair to grow back until it was long enough to attach more dread extensions. So now I have 30 locks that are 22 inches long.

I love my dreads. I've tried many hairstyles already but this is the one that I never got tired of. I'm gonna keep them for years! ^_^

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