Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Remember, Remember
Your Goals Through November

So November is here. In the past month, I have been working on putting together all the things I need to start another business which is the digital portrait painting service. I've spoken to prospective suppliers (framers and printers), did research on different portraiture styles, checked out photography service outlets at malls, and planned the transaction process. There is yet so much to do - like finalizing the prices making samples to be shown on the website, that I've already created.

So now I have two online stores on Multiply. The other is for my own brand of shirts and anything else that I can produce and sell. These are the two businesses I've been meaning to jump-start for the longest time. Let's see which one will be launched first.

Materials, knowledge, and skills - aside from these, there are things I need to put together and apply on myself: patience, perseverance, diligence and determination.

Most importantly, I hope I will always be inspired.

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