Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Bohemian Fashion

I've seen fashion blogs where the authors photograph themselves, wearing their favorite outfits that they styled up together. I think its a fun thing to do so I'm gonna do the same. After all, just like everybody else, I have accumulated a lot of wearable stuff over the years since I was old enough to buy clothes for myself, and it would be nice to have a picture of yourself wearing your favorite get ups while they still look good on you or while you still look good in them. ^_^

So I'll be sharing to you my style which is my interpretation of men's bohemian fashion. Now, what is bohemian fashion? I'd say that it's the clothing style of a person who is artistically inclined, one who is eclectic - has an appreciation of the aesthetics of different cultures. It is the fashion of the non-conformist, one who wears something not because it's "in" but because it reflects his personality, it expresses his individuality.

Also, bohemian fashion is the clothing style of a person who has high-end taste but with low-end budget. So he's the kind of person who would buy a jacket with a woven pattern from a second hand store, rather than a new jacket with a big printed logo of a popular clothing brand.

For ladies it's so easy to sport the bohemian style because there are so many brands out there that make clothes that fit the look. But for men, such brands are rare. When I type "men's bohemian fashion" on Google I find very few images that I can actually call bohemian. Perhaps because the majority of men care less about fashion, let alone personal style?

Anyways, let me start with two get ups. I think it's best to start with my basic street wear. This is as basic as I can go on ordinary days when I need to blend in with the crowd and be invisible for a moment.

A well fitted t-shirt, clean jeans and sneakers - the fundamental combo that is decent enough in this tropical third-world country. Some establishments here require that at least your feet, legs, and shoulders are not exposed if you want to get in. In my case, a scarf draping from my neck and bracelets around my left wrist is part of what I call basic.

Sometimes when it's really warm or really wet, and I need to do a lot of outdoor walking, I will usually be seen in a black t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Of course there's always a shemagh scarf (I have 8 of them). It's such a handy piece of accessory for this dread-headed, motorcycle-riding bohemian guy, living in a country with polluted cities under the very unpredictable weather.

So that's all for my first post about my bohemian fashion, the next posts will be my not-so-basic get ups. Watch out for eccentric ones! ^_^